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Dirty Filthy Animals

Facilitated and written by Jason Tantra of Tantra4GayMen.com, this collection is inspired by the animal kingdom. Dirty Filthy Animals is a playful but sexy exploration of our naughty side, and adds new dimensions to express our sexuality. It's not meant to be taken literally, but instead as a roadmap for personal exploration, discovery and a bit of humor.

Queerly Ever After

In this collection written by sex and intimacy coach Matthew Shur, we retell (and reclaim) popular fairytales through a more-modern queer lens. Filmed at a chateau in France, these scenes are full of hot guys, dramatic cinematography and rich narratives.

Transmuting Taboo

Filmed in North Carolina, the goal of our transmuting taboo series is to allude, via the canvas of cinema, the proximity every human being has to be welcomed, understood, connected to, and remembered by spirits beyond and people present as familial influences in magnetism, character and metabolized healing. To honor our past partners erotically, platonically, imaginatively, and spiritually.

Erotic Playground

Facilitated by sex coach Matthew Shur, this series is about connecting with - and healing - our younger self. And, in doing so, it also about learning from the wisdom of our younger self - and reconnecting with lost traits like curiosity and joy. We’re not just fleshbags of trauma - we still have the capacity to play, discover and create worlds of new meaning for ourselves.


Written by Coach Alex Ray, this series celebrates authenticity by reframing and eroticizing our insecurities. This series was filmed in the mountains of eastern Kentucky during a solar eclipse.

Power & Transgression

There is a house of curiosities just out of town that everyone speaks about but no one dares enter. It is rumored that sexual acts that push and defy limits take place here, and though anyone may enter, it is only a select few, who are chosen by the Keepers of the house to stay or be invited back. In the process each recruit finds their true self. What will you discover? Video concepts by Court Vox.


Earth. Wind. Water. Fire. These are the elements of our planet, and the elements that run through each of us. In this powerful collection written by Brad Amberheart, we see scenes inspired by each of the elements. Earth grounds us. Wind lifts us up. Water cleanses us. And fire ignites us.

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