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Everyday Kink

Sure, kink is fun to experience in basements and dungeons. But dark rooms, leather and chains can make kink feel inaccessible to some audiences. In Himeros.tv's "Everyday Kink" series , we take kink out of the shadows and into the light - so that everyone can enjoy its many benefits. Kink can be a powerful tool for self discovery, exploration, pleasure and fun for all people.

Colors of Desire

Written by Matthew Shur, this collection brings together the sexy, raunchy, erotic and spiritual sides of life. This series also bridges the elements of gay tantra with the ability to talk about consent clearly, kindly and effectively. Each scene corresponds to a different color to bring in a new flavor of erotica.

Erotic Playground

Facilitated by sex coach Matthew Shur, this series is about connecting with - and healing - our younger self. And, in doing so, it also about learning from the wisdom of our younger self - and reconnecting with lost traits like curiosity and joy. We’re not just fleshbags of trauma - we still have the capacity to play, discover and create worlds of new meaning for ourselves.

Hawaii Retreat

Filmed on the Big Island of Hawaii, this retreat features a diverse grouping of men who reflect many facets of the gay male experience. This project is facilitated by gay tantra coach Brad Amberheart.

Weird Sex

This series explores weird gay sex in collaboration with Jason Tantra of Tantra4GayMen. It looks at various topics of things we have not seen or experienced before. Its aim is to open the possibilities for the viewers in their own erotic play and their own sex lives. Weirdness is good. When we try things we have not done before we get more experience, we open our horizons and we explore more of who we might be.

If Wishes Were Horses

If Wishes Were Horses is an erotic film series derived from Himeros.tv audience participation that uncovers how individuals today can begin to positively influence gay culture with respect to body shame (size/type/ablism), masculinity and femininity (toxic standards that separate these sides of the spectrum), wounds that have been turned outward on others (lateral discrimination), and expanding the definitions of sex to be more inclusive. Surveyed participants responded with what they wished they had known or experienced, looking back on their erotic journeys.

All The World's a Stage

This series, written by coach Matthew Shur, is about the tension between performance and authenticity. We explore how we can play around with, tow the line between, and subvert the dynamics altogether of performance and pleasure in front of the camera.

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