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Not your dad's porn site

Himeros.tv is an erotic playground for gay and bisexual men with weekly explicit videos featuring authentic man-on-man action.

Each video is co-created with gay sex experts to evolve your experience of sex and sexuality through pleasure, connection and exploration.

Himeros.tv is like porn. But better.

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  • New erotic films every week
  • Tools for increased pleasure & better gay sex
  • Hundreds of hours of videos
  • A community of gay and bisexual men

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Porn Star bill of rights
  • 1 Himeros.tv respects the consensual boundaries of all models, all the time.
  • 2 All models will be compensated fairly.
  • 3 All Himeros.tv sets are drug and alcohol-free.
  • 4 Himeros.tv does not fetishize models ages, shapes, ethnicities, gender expressions, sizes or colors.
  • 5 All Himeros.tv models are given free mental-health support.

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