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Missionary Impossible

Added: August 14, 2023 | Runtime: 10:29 | 47,885 views

Many Mormon Boys-themed videos play on a similar trope: The elder seduces the younger, more-innocent boy using his power and authority as leverage. It’s a tired presentation of men taking advantage of their position - and something that we’ve all seen play out through media (think “Me Too” or the Catholic abuse scandals) and likely our own lives. Though it may scratch a sexual itch, it’s not adding anything to the conversation.

In our twist on this theme, the elder attempts seduction of a seemingly innocent Mormon boy–but, alas, he has met his match. He is amused by his advances, and turn the tables on the elder. As it turns out, the younger boy has far more experience and confident sexual expression than his repressed elder – and wastes no time in unleashing his inner slut.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Very erotic video. Darron can work his magic on my boy pussy anytime. The close up photography was perfect, had an erection almost immediately. Just needed Darron working my hole feverishly. More of Darron and his passion 🍆🍆🍆💦💦💦
Sorry, I'm not Mormon, and I'm not religious, but I actually thought this was over the line with disrespect. The set up with the elders is ok, but the abuse of their scripture (especially coming on it) is really not called for. Sorry.
Davey Wavey
The Mormon Church historically opposed LGBT rights and same-sex relationships, actively supporting efforts like California's Proposition 8 in 2008. In 2015, it introduced a policy labeling same-sex marriage as apostasy and restricting blessings for children of LGBTQ+ couples. While some progress has been made, the church still upholds anti-LGBT teachings on marriage and sexuality. Based on the Mormon church's historic and ongoing fights against LGBT people, it feels entirely fitting to bless their holy book with a load of sacred ejaculate.
Hilarious! Going "commando" when they wear special underwear?? Good fucking & sucking---could have seen more of both.
I think the young Mormon showed the elder a thing or two and definitely turned the table on him. It was fun to watch this scenario in reverse. The looks and vocals out of the elder was hilarious when he was caught out of surprise. The expertise of the young Mormon and expressions on his face was amazing.
Love it!
I can imagine the varied reactions to this! For those of us--I count myself as one--who have long since abandoned the project of keeping religion and sex in separate silos, this is somewhere between hilarious and a masturbator's dream. (Darren Bluu is an amazing fucker!) I'll be interested to hear from other viewers what they make of this if they are highly attracted to transgressive sex that coopts sacred symbols, or if they find such "sacrilege" repulsive. Either way, it is a testimony to the great range of sexual tastes and responses.
I have to say the elder was completely taken over by the understudy, and he loved every minute of it. The panting by both guys was very arousing. Nice job!
Aggressive tops are so hot, and this role reversal was well deserved!
This is one of my favorite videos! So erotic on so many levels. Thank you!
Bluu is awesome!!!
A clip on tie? Seriously Davey? Sure it does fit the scenario to a degree ie demonstrating the younger guy probably not knowing how to tie one properly, but a regular tie, expertly and seductively undone by the older dude, would've lent him a greater recognition of being more experienced at sex when he would ultimately become the dominated one.
Davey Wavey
Lol, we loved the moment and thought it fit the scene!
Loved the organ music. Disliked the gagging. I wish there was more seduction and foreplay before the fucking started. Loved the cumming of the gospel.
Wow! Transgressive and then some... except... The obvious transgressions - like cumming on the Book of Mormon... I can see that any Mormons here (are there any?) could well be personally offended, as might other theists or their sympathisers. But - see Davey Wavey's reply - for me the transgressions of religions this enters into (pun intended) are way greater. The invasion of private lives, the horrors perpetrated by organised religion against, amongst others, LGBT+ persons... women - to some degree in history everyone, given the typical sex-negativism - as well as rabid homophobia where religious voices are dangerously strong (many parts of the US , even Florida FFS... Uganda, Saudi, Malaysia... the list goes on...) Another is a real edge here, for people who have been abused by elders - in a church and so many other places. And yet another edge. For me at 67, being very much an elder myself. Have I used, abused, age-related power imbalances? I hope not, don't think so...but...?? Like so many LGBT+ persons, I've been metaphorically fucked over by religion's homophobia, though not a victim myself in a personal sense.. except... that time I confessed same-sex attractions to a man and wife Pastoral team.. and they duly attempted exorcism (which failed)... funny I didn't think of that until typing this... But this is the funniest porno I've seen - humor is a great way to navigate these deep and dangerous waters, like the 'Elders' ridiculously thin story to get into the young man's pants; his ass being beaten by his own Book; the very non-standard cum shots. Naturally, the models are super hot, and from my perspective the 'Elder' isn't really that elderly. Now, younger men can and do abuse still younger... but... maybe this film would have been too much, too triggering, if the Elder was unattractive and/or massively older? (someone my age? Ouch!) So, "Wow!" indeed. Lots of stuff here. The Backstage episode could be interesting...
The one guy looks sort of like a young Michael Buckley, from YouTube fame.
Very fun and interesting video. Would love to see Mr Bluu as Master Bluu in very Dominate role
Darron is always excellent viewing!
My opinion of the Mormon Religion is it is fake. They are a bunch of close minded people and experts at brainwashing people who are at a week point in their life. I loved seeing the guys cum all over the Book of Mormon. I am in full approval of this video!
Love when they guys came all over the book of Mormon. I think that religion is full of close minded, controlling, brainwashing people.
More of Darron, please! Very hot video. Love the ending with cum on the Book of Moron.
One of the things i find arousing about many Mormon missionaries and BYU men is their wholesome clean cut looks. Elder Blau with his untamed mop of wild hair is uncovincing in this. As a gay man and ex-Mormon I felt that ejaculating on a copy of the Book of Mormon to be kan ignorant, tasteless and juvenile stunt which might have been appropriate 15 years ago but now is a disgusting desecration to those who are participating in an outreach between the Mormon Church and the LGBTQ community resulting in a live-and-let-live truce between us. Although this entente has a long dways to go we must recognize that the church has changed much of its most hateful and destructive teachings and practices, of. which i was a victim. Unlike self-styled ‘Christian’s’ in the Evwngelical and Fundamentalist MAGA-Trump-is-My-Savior churches.which spew nothing but demonic hatred and venom our way the Mormons support anti-discrimination laws, fund programs to ease suffering, hunger, addiction and homelessness among gay youth and regularly speak out encouraging inclusion, respect and love on the part of heterosexual church members towards gay and lesbian folks. Yes, I know that that they have a lot more changes to make before they are even anywhere close to be thought of as “welcoming and affirming” but this act will only serve to offend and turn away potential allies.
I think you crossed a line with cumming on the book of Mormon, or any other sacred book for that matter.

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