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The Upside Down

Added: June 26, 2023 | Runtime: 16:16 | 66,841 views

Though the scene starts with typical dominant top energy, Cody invites his top into another dimension. In this world, up is down. Down is up. Tops are bottoms. And bottoms are tops. Though Cody continues to play the bottom role, he does so with a more dominant energy. Liam is here to service his bottom, and to have his dick used in all the ways that bring Cody pleasure.

And let's face it: Bottoms deserve to be served and appreciated. Bottoms train like elite athletes, eating certain foods and practicing for countless hours. They prep and train with a great deal of effort. Here's to bottoms, the unsung heroes of gay sex.

Video concept by Matthew Shur.

Recent Comments:
Really light on substance. Not much too this. Because of that, it was hard to "get into" the video.
I don't know what everyone else thinks, bur I think Liam Arnolds is the BEST addition to this site in a long time. He is just so hot and sensuous. What a hot kisser. And the perfect top. I just love to watch him in action with his boys, and the two vids so far having me screaming MORE! Thoughts?
Very sensuous pleasure experienced by both parties. Only as it should be
My favorite so far. The chemistry is authentic. The way the spoke to each other on what Cody needed. The loving kisses on his feet, I almost lost it. Finally, the kissing after Liam cums is something I Iove myself
I wished this was me, what both these men were experiencing each moment they were together! This was really special! Thank you both!
Another amazing Himeros vid-=beautiful, sexy, hot, tender, men-in-touch, great setting, lovely energy.. Liam a super-stud. Cody the consummate bottom-in-charge. his physical presence and steady flow of soft=spoken words completely ran the connection, that also completely satisfied Liam. i sure hope we see more of Cody.
Beautiful love making, sexy, horny, sensual, delicious kissing, authentic togetherness chemistry, simple, and both men are just a delight. thank you both
Felt like I was spying on someone’s genuine lovemaking session. Beautiful and authentic plus I loved when Liam snatched a taste of Cody’s cum, then kissed him as they relaxed in one another’s arms. Beautiful moment
Glad we are back to sensual love making Liam and Cody are a beautiful couple. I totally enjoyed their LOVE making. Davie, please let's have more like this again.
I love this video and watched it already twice. The expression of blissful joy on Cody’s face when he is penetrated by Liam is beautiful. This is not porn but a pure raw sensual feast of two handsome lovers giving pleasure to each other, an ode to male eroticism.
VERY HOT!!! Love both these models! So yummy.
Loved the chemistry between these two beautiful men. They both appeared authentic and realistic. Would enjoy seeing both of these men in future videos.
Thanks for celebrating the Flip! Genuine chemistry. Here’s to hotness!
such an amazing scene. i wish there were a transcript so we could catch all their verbal interaction, dose key words are spoken too soft to be clear, and to fully appreciate how Cody's energy and words are guiding it all...

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