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Added: March 22, 2021 | Runtime: 11:35 | 17,353 views

Surrounding us are the mountains, the high-desert old-growth forests, the Mother Earth, and Father Sky. We are held in the embrace of these elements. Many have walked before us. Acknowledging the power of the place where we walk and the people who’ve walked here before us is an essential way to take our sex “out of the box” and into connection with a deep, potent source of magick, wisdom, and pleasure.

This concept gives us a chance to remind gay men of the sacred and powerful connection between our sex and the natural world. We are inhaling the breath of the trees; they are breathing in ours. We are in them and they are in us... if that's not sex, then what is?

We follow the journey of two lovers who clearly are aware that they’re being watched. Through their eyes, we see images of twisted trees, mountains, and the rock formations which speak out loud through their presence and visual image alone.

Delicately, with care, we’re inviting you to remember that we are never alone, and that two men’s noticing of the world around them while they make love takes their intimacy and connection to a whole new level.

Concept by Brad Amberheart. https://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
The musical score makes this different than actual male porn. Makes you look at it differently. Gives it more of an elegance, a class. Which has been Davey's point all along.
I really liked this video. It was such a relaxing and peaceful setting to be one with nature while making love as they were. Beautiful. The scenery was absolutely stunning. Making love in front of the large windows let nature in without some of the harshness. I assume it was cold outside because Miko cleverly said a blow job and snow job. I like the way when Miko took his shirt off the camera purposely focused in on that sexy hairy chest. He is one hot dude. Russell, Dragon Puppy from Eroticengineering is a perfect addition to Himeros. Super cute and sexy with a dick that springs into action. Super video Davey and Brad.
Sexy models! Love the fur and body types. Like the lack of “jackhammering”; instead it a slow intense beautiful fuck.
Great scene, and both guys were hot, but I must admit I am developing a crush on Miko. So authentic, without an ounce of pretension. Very attractive qualities. Beautiful setting and I especially appreciated how the natural surroundings were invited to be part of the scene with a traditional smudge. A touching tribute to the Indigenous people who looked after this land far before settlers showed up. Amazing.
Absolutely beautiful!
Beautiful! Well done!
i absolutely DEMAND the extended cut of this film! best yet.
Russell ( Dragon Puppy III) has a few masturbation videos on EroticEngineering.com Click on Mystery School. He is a master teacher of Mindful Masturbation. You might want to check them out. Maybe Davely can have him back for an educational solo.
Davey Wavey
In fact, Russell will be teaching a sex magick video on Himeros.tv in a few months! Stay tuned!
Life is too short for porn with limp dicks. How can the dark haired man be completely limp the entire time????
Davey Wavey
Every cock works differently. There are any number of reasons why guys aren't hard - not the least of which could be a room full of crew and cameras watching you have sex. But even without cameras, dicks aren't always hard. And soft cocks are totally worthy of pleasure and fun. Much of mainstream porn is created with injections of drugs that cause erections for several hours; we prefer taking a more authentic and natural approach to our shoots. And sometimes that means that there are soft cocks in our films. We make space for all cocks, hard, soft or anything in between - and hopefully seeing soft cocks can shift people's expectations around erections. The interesting question isn't about Miko's lack of erection, it's why his lack of erection is so important for you.
Whether solo or with a loving partner, masturbation is a sacred, beautiful thing!
One of the things I like about the videos is seeing the soft cocks. I love to see guys being natural and just naked where I can enjoy the beauty of their dicks.
Beautiful video. It’s refreshing to see erotic video that presents imagery that is much more honest and approachable. Another words, these guys would be part of my friend group rather than a sensationalized version of what mainstream porn thinks we should be.

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