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Tantric Sex Date

Added: November 30, 2020 | Runtime: 11:56 | 12,127 views

Often people are curious about Tantric Sex. This video gives a glimpse into practices that you can try with a partner, packaged in a way that’s practical and applicable.

If you think tantric sex is about incense, kale and candles - think again.

In today’s video, we’ll learn how to have a real, practical tantric sex date. No candles required.

In general terms, tantric sex combines your sexual energy, heart energy and spiritual energy - and often results in heightened experiences of bliss. Sometimes even enlightenment. But all of that can sound abstract - so let’s start simple… by building your sexual energy.

Arouse each other and get closer and closer to cumming. Then, stop!

You’ll feel lots of sexual energy in your cock, begging to be released through ejaculation. Instead, squeeze the muscle you use when going to the toilet to pump the energy into your body. Your sexual energy will move from your cock to your body.

Next, let’s add some love into the equation. Start by gazing into each others’ eyes. Even if you don’t love your partner, find something in his eyes that you do. Let that love guide your connection, and melt that loving energy into your sexual energy. See how it feels different.

Now, let’s bring in some spiritual energy. It sounds a bit abstract, but try closing your eyes and imagine a star shining down on your head like a stage spotlight. Slowly breath that energy into your body. With each breath, you bring this white light further down your body… first to your eyebrows, then to your lips… and so on.

Holding this state of sexual energy, love energy and spiritual energy, look into your partner’s eyes. Approach your partner, and deeply feel this state of love-making - with all three energies playing at the same time.

Next, have your partner climb into your lap, facing you. In tantra, this is called the yab yum position - and it is yummy, indeed. Insert your cock into your partner, and imagine that - like you - he has an inner pipe through which his energy moves up and down the body.

As you thrust into your partner, imagine your cock is filling him up entirely. Imagine that you have a super massive cock…. And each time you breath in, the energy moves down your body, through your cock, into him - and out his forehead and back into you, making a circuit.

How does this feel? Does it feel like sex? Like a meditation or prayer? Some combination of both?

You may find yourself even getting light-headed. If it’s too much for you, you can stop at any time.

Keep playing with this energy, let it get steamier, more heightened, and at some point you might just get carried away with the pleasure. Let it take you, let it intoxicate you.

Let it take everything until there is nothing left… and in the nothingness, just be.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: https://www.tantra4gaymen.com

Recent Comments:
Just about perfect. I'll be cuing this one up again and again. Terrific photography. It's great to see Harder again. His cum scene is so erotic.
Davey. Thank you for the teachings of Tantric Sex. I especially like it when you do a narrative explaining the scene in your relaxing voice. You made a statement in your written comment that hit home with me. That magical word was "circuit.". I know videos have a time restraint but for me I like to start out balls deep inside my partner just as your video showed. But I like to be inside my partner for several minutes without a lot of movement. We kiss, look into each other's eyes, talk and caress our bodies while I play with his cock. This keeps me hard without movement. This is where "circuit" comes in for me. I liken it to the plug on a lamp being inserted into the wall socket. Once connected the circuit becomes one and the electricity flows lighting the lamp. For me all of the physical and emotional feelings of being connected to my partner flows from his body through my cock and into my body and I hope he is experiencing the same in reverse. It is a euphoric feeling to me and I like it to last a while. Once we are ready to get started moving he rocks me up and down in the position you showed sitting. But I like to finish lying on my back with him facing me as he rides me. I really like the gliding/rocking motion because I can hold and stroke his cock using his gliding motion as he is riding me plus I can caress his body. It's about pleasure for both of us not just me. I notice a lot of people get the bottom off after the top. I like us to come together or as close as possible. When I orgasm it is out of this world. I can't see the bursts of cum but from the intensity of the orgasm I know they are powerful. It is also a wonderful feeling knowing I left a part of me inside of him. By me stroking my partner during all of this he has a pretty good orgasm too. Then after I like us just to hold each other similar to the two guys in your "Sex When Sad" video. Thank you again Davey.
First, incredible film...done so professionally, and really made me fee like I was right there on the bed with them. Second, each time I watch these tantric sex experiences, I am learning more and more that it has everything to do with "synchronization" . Synchronization of the breath, synchronization of the eyes, synchronization of the thrusts, and so on..... I am truly seeing that this is how to maximize the experience in every way. For me, the key is remembering this while in the actual experience.... As always, thank you for your beautiful work....
Another great scene. I have dabbled in Tantic sex with my partner, but must admit, I am better at indulging in it in my self pleasure practise, than I am with another man, I can very easily get caught up in the moment and even though we have tried with an intention, we have gotten side tracked and have not necessarily exercised the true restraint needed. this is a very good visual, and just before I connect with my COVID partner this weekend. I think it is time to try again and see where it goes. thanks for not only the hot videos, that Himros provides, but also the tips and tools to expand your own sexual practise. no other website gives you that. maybe i will do a follow up email, of how it went. no promises, but I am sure we will have fun regardless. thanks again for all you do. keep it up.
Another awesome vid and concept. Himeros and T4GM: the best!
Your voiceovers turn your videos from what could be a nice moment of shared bliss with my partner, into an educational experience..... Ughhhh Thanks (sarcasm)
The casting is perfect. Bravo to whomever made that decision!
I just watched this without sound first- that's what married bisexuals do sometimes- and then had a chance to listen and watch and it was very moving and educational! This is what sex with another man could be and I hope to try it- and not just in my dreams!
Hmm....very beautiful indeed. But why did he go limp after pulling out and while he had orgasm? Isn’t that’s when one is hardest? I would love to see one scene when they would cum inside and show cum oozing out. also- agree with Darrell- I am a bi married man and watching this with very low volume
Davey Wavey
Because this sex is real life. In real life, erections come and go - and it's quite natural to go soft.

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