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Tantric Sex Date - Himeros LIVE

Added: December 4, 2020 | Runtime: 01:02:35 | 870 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video release.
Recent Comments:
Hi Davey. Totally enjoyed the Tantric Sex Date discussion. You guys seem to have so much fun making them. They are fun and informative plus the discussions (especially with video) makes me (us) feel as a community family and our community surely needs that. I was wondering if you would ever consider incorporating docking into one of your videos? To me it is so intimate and erotic to be connected to your partner this way. Another way of two people joining and becoming as one at least psychologically. I'm sure it couldn't be the topic of a full video but it would sure be nice to see it as part of the video.
Really a FUN podcast and so appreciated your friend, Duane! There’s always great camaraderie with all you guys, & Duane’s honesty and revelations about his own life & intentions for fulfilling sex really augmented this video for me. The fact you’re best friends when he was determined to not like you at all says volumes! Sexy voice aside (sometimes it’s very endearing), I loved Finn’s build that quality, intentional time with a partner or yourself is key to cultivating a level of erotic energy and journeying inwards through tantra or self-discovery of any kind. Over time, I can only feel that even random hookups, cuddling, or conversations all share the propensity for more meaningful connections if that’s what I want. Empowering viewers to make choices may never replace a cum shot, just how they’re perceived. With your stable of exquisite cinematographers, turn them loose on “ecstatic rapture in yum-yum”. YUM.

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