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Sex Magick 101

Added: June 14, 2021 | Runtime: 22:28 | 21,084 views

Do you believe in Magick? And not just stage tricks or illusions to fool you. Real Magick is how you can deliberately and purposefully alter your consciousness at will, by choice, to change your experience of reality. This is done by aligning yourself with the natural order of the world. Male Solo Sex Magick uses your body as a human male and your aroused penis to create what you want in your life. Consider your penis like a Magick Wand or a Wizard’s Staff.

Male Solo Sex Magick accomplishes the changes you want in two basic stages, which work in this order: First, transform your inner experience to higher, longer states of bliss by training yourself to masturbate mindfully. Second, use this practice to build your erotic energy to extremely high levels, then consciously ejaculate to invite the changes you want into your external reality.

In this first part, inner change comes as you develop increasing masturbatory skills and employ non-ejaculatory sessions to cultivate high erotic energy in your body. Use this process to transform yourself within. Then, the energy you radiate to your environment also shifts. People and even animals may react differently to you, sensing your new charisma.

Video concept by Bruce P. Grether: https://www.eroticengineering.com

Recent Comments:
A couple of thoughts. I am all for some extra tools for the tool box kit of my self pleasure practise and this does a great job of highlighting some things to try out. I do however not believe that every body is wired the same or experience pleasure the same, so will reserve the right to integrate some of these practises, as my body responds to them. One final note, the beginning of the scene the narrator, spent a lot of time discussing importance of posture. If it is that important it should probably be exemplified throughout the scene, not just the first frame. Just some random thoughts, and looking forward to seeing the animals look at me differently. (that may be a bit of my pragmatism shining through, and not a criticism). Another interesting scene Davey and team. Variety is the spice of life, an looking forward to viewing part 2 tomorrow.
Who is the model?
Davey Wavey
Ops! I forgot to tag the model. His name is Russell. Just updated the video accordingly.
I am wondering if you have models who have average to small cocks to help represent more men around the globe. I love your site but i would love to see more average day to day men who may only sport an average 5 inch penis.
I agree with Victortodd - the terminology of being hung, is in reality a minority of guys. Learning about how to pleasure and accept ourselves when we are normal size or even smaller would be a very helpful aspect of your program and videos.

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