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Sex Magic - Himeros Backstage

Added: June 17, 2021 | Runtime: 01:00:57 | 1,036 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video release.
Recent Comments:
Davey that conversation with Finn, Sam, You and (Al) for short was so informative and interesting to listen to. Very smart and beautiful couple. All of you are such nice people. On Mindful Masturbation I totally understand your feelings on it but you should give it one try just to experience the wonderful feelings. I don't practice this all the time. Like you when horny I just want to jack and shoot for instant relief. But when I want something special I do practice Mindful Masturbation . For me I could not start at night because of being too worked up to sleep. I switched to morning sessions masturbating making it much easier to do. Yes, in the beginning it is hard but the body does adapt. After a week or two of masturbating without ejaculation I get a warm feeling in my penis even when flaccid a lot of times. It is a nice feeling but not the kind of nagging feeling that makes you feel like you just have to get off. As I said you can go from zero to sixty very quickly getting an erection. My penis also hangs heavier quite a bit when flaccid. I also produce a good bit of pre cum while regular masturbating. With Mindful Masturbation after two or three sessions of close to the edge masturbation the pre cum runs down my shaft. This is when I must stop. After a week or two when you decide to cum it is mind blowing, at least for me. I understand you are a busy man and sometimes just want to get it over with and go about your business. But if you ever get some time and want to give your penis and your body some self love which it is, give it a try.
Davey, I was so intrigued with this discussion that I had to watch it again. I have to tell you man that your format of videos is why I am drawn to Himeros. It is real sex. I have told you before how bored I get with that typical studio porn. Kiss, blow, fuck and cum, then the second person cumming. I just can't sit through them anymore. Your productions on the other hand make the sex so real. I don't have to see someone cum all of the time. The intimacy, the touch and feelings are just as important. I agree with Sam and Al (sorry, I don't know how to spell his name) your productions are good for gay men to experience and see what real and honest gay sex and relationships are about. I really don't think of your productions as porn for the most part. I do realize your situation however where you have to strike a balance and that is tough. Some men tune in to see cum shots which is fine. Cum shots are part of sex but only a part of sex. There are so many aspects of sex. Listening to this entire group discussing sex was eye opening to me. Sam and Al were inspiring to listen to. So smart yet down to earth. And you know I just love Finn. Such a smart, relaxed and easy going guy. I am in agreement with Sam, your instructional videos are superb and needed. It teaches gay men how to have sex with others and with themselves properly and not what they see in cookie cutter porn. Whether you realize it or not Davey you are providing a valuable service and I love you for that. Throwing a more traditional fantasy type video in the mix is good too to try and please all tastes. But the real life videos and instructional videos in my opinion help gay men out a lot even if they don't initially realize it.
A really interesting video.

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