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Price of Discovery

Added: March 9, 2020 | Runtime: 11:40 | 7,362 views

Discovery is on the other side of our fears. The feelings in conflict that we hold represent parts of ourselves. Learning to tune into which part of us feels which emotions can help us move into a new territory of self understanding. This scene depicts the inner struggle of a guy that is tempted to join an orgy but has to conquer his prohibiting inner dialogue in order to be set free and have an amazing time.

Concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

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Recent Comments:
100% hot, delicious.
Davey Wavey
Sounds like a pizza :-P
I had to chuckle in the opening sequence of this video as it brought back exact similar concerns of my very first attended organized orgy with strangers. I was so excited to attend as it was a long awaited dreamed of event. Fortunately I was with a good and experienced friend who helped put my mind at ease. Of course, there were still deep, rumbling concerns squirreled away which were quickly put to rest within the first 5-10 minutes of entering and shedding all clothing. It seemed to be a total group understanding of respect for each other. While not to rule out the possibility of developing relationships, for the most part, it was pure sexual release, and more release, and even more release of sexual energies. What an amazing experience!
This is HOT! Most every guy feels the way the guy felt walking into something like that...and hopes it ends up like this. Great work showing how something scary can turn very erotic.
Best orgy video I've ever seen.
Davey Wavey
Thanks! It was so much fun to film. You can tell that the guys were all really enjoying themselves.
Jason Strong
10’s across the board
I can relate to this so much! For me, it's those voices of so many telling me I am dirty or should be ashamed of what I am about to do.
Great idea but . . . the video, like several of your videos, is too dark. More light, please. It gets so dim in places it's almost like an impressionistic painting. In this case, less is NOT more.
Davey Wavey
Noted. The director enjoys a dark aesthetic - but he knows to brighten up future projects for better viewing. I've passed along the feedback. There are a few more darker scenes from this series that will come out in the months ahead - but our newest projects are easier to see.
Reminds me of the sex party a couple we know hosts every third Saturday evening in their home. Although most of us regulars know each other, there are also newcomers. Pairing or three-ways reveal preferences--same age more or less and younger-older combinations, top-bottom--the latter liking the sling visited by multiple tops and, of course, those watching and stroking in solo mode. My favorite place to play is the bed behind bars in their dungeon where my now husband and I first had sex. On another occasion I was lying on a table with an incline that gave me a view of my man on my penis while someone else was penetrating him (all reflected on a wall of mirrors to my right)--ver HOT! Beyond sex, the monthly party is also a social occasion with extended conversations over drinks and hors d'oeuvres that participants bring to share. I like the way the video portrays the initial anxiety of newcomers. It also nicely captures manly comradery as players connect or enjoy watching others do so while masturbating--our "third Saturday!"
Great idea and well-done but, it needs more light. Otherwise, it is very erotic. I will watch this one a few more times. Thanks.
Brad Amberheart
"Needs more light?" Are you kidding? WHAT a wonderful assfuck scene! I fucking thoroughly delight in hearing men scream when they're getting fucked, and this is definitely yet another one of the hottest assfuck videos I've ever seen. I LOVE the number 5...the tag-teams, trios, and clusterfucks are stunning. Thank You, SO MUCH!
I understand the preference for more light for better viewing but to me that's part of the inherent sexiness of clubs like this, they are dark and often you can't see exactly what you're doing. The little experience I've had with clubs honestly, that's my favorite part. 1. The anonymousness of it and 2. The dark "can't always tell who's cock is where" is very much what turns me on like little else.
I agree with John: best orgy video I've ever seen! And the light is PERFECT in my view.
This reminded me of some group experiences I had a gay baths when I lived in Chicago. This is the best orgy film I've ever seen. The good looking guys, the lighting, the sounds, the music, the Energy.

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