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Laughter Is Orgasm

Added: November 12, 2018 | Runtime: 15:33 | 5,981 views

Watch Davey and friends discuss Laughter Is Orgasm on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

Discover why we created Laughter Is Orgasm on the Himeros.tv blog.

Bugs Bunny once said, “Don’t take life too seriously… no one gets out alive.”

In a similar way, when it comes to sex, a little laughter can go a long way. And that's also true of porn and erotic videos. Why are they always so serious?!

This video is designed to help guys bring laughter—a true source of life-giving orgasmic fun—back into their sex lives, and experience more prolonged and ecstatic orgasms.

We’re going to use the powerful tool of verbal taboos and role play to make it happen.

First, think of phrases that really excite you but probably feel completely taboo or socially unacceptable. Share them with your partner.

Then, it’s time to play dress-up!

Make sure your repertoire includes lots of things that excite you and your partner, but be sure to make room for some fun surprises, too.

Next, touch each other, playfully. Try some tickle play. Take turns surrendering. Ride that special sweet spot of exhilaration, being sure to give yourself space to breathe.

Before you know it, you’ll be tingling from head to toe. Welcome to the world of laughter and whole-body sensation.

This concept was developed by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
One of THE best so far; the chemistry and interaction, along with being able to hear them interact is extremely hot, and depicts something that will be easy and fun to replicate myself. Excellent!
Beautifully done! Yes, foreplay can be fun! Superb videography that captures closeups portraying the beauty of M2M lovemaking.
I'm excited by this video in ways I almost can't explain...It's SO different than porn, yet stimulates me from the balls up...all the way up. I would almost swear that the guys in the video aren't "porn stars," but just two guys who like being exhibitionists in front of a camera! I love it! I've been a Himeros fan for a long time, and I think I've watched every video, so unless I missed one somewhere way back there, this must be the FIRST ONE that plays with DRAG, right? I love the mixture of hot masculine images we're used to (like baseball caps, jock straps, leather), interspersed with lace and sequins and even wigs. I think guys deserve to just fucking HAVE FUN and quit worrying about what anyone would think, and these two guys...well, they did such a good job of it that you would swear there must not have been a camera there. It felt like anything was possible in this video...we're left guessing every minute. Wouldn't our SEX LIVES be so much better if things were never completely predictable, and we could expect the unexpected? Great job with this video!
Oh, and by the way...even though the models pulled this off like no one was watching, the cameraman and director clearly were GOOD! This video captures the unrehearsed, unpretentious truth of "real sex," yet it's done so professionally, with such amazing quality. Thank you, Himeros!
Greg, 60, Rancho Mirage
Good video. I am a new member. I'm 60, enjoy sex relations with a limited host of friends, and I'm learning from your videos. Video Subject Suggestion - A young man I met is poz and undetectable. I am neg. and on prep. How about a video on how to sexually interact? I wish to top him bearback and receive the same from him. Oral sex too will be without protection. I know there's a small chance of me getting invective, but I'm thinking its too small to be a concern. Enjoying this site.

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