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Jack Like An Athlete

Added: May 17, 2021 | Runtime: 20:34 | 23,840 views

Many of us were born with incredible cocks that, when pleasured, become erect, have orgasms, and can literally create life with an ejaculation. The pleasure leading up to an ejaculation is also life giving and energizing, as our cocks are actually engines for creating life force energy. Unbelievably, we have not been given any instructions on how to maximize our pleasure and get the optimal performance out of these important organs.

The physical and mind/body training that an athlete does to prepare for a sporting event is analogous to masturbation as preparation for partnered sex. That means, if you want your cock to perform optimally when you’re with a partner, you have to train it that way.

To begin, prepare your room as if a date is coming over. When you’re horny, part of the urge to be sexual is a desire for connection. That means when you’re masturbating you want to connect with yourself. Connecting with yourself amplifies your pleasure and allows you to connect better with future partners.

One of the benefits of Tantra is that it teaches you how to give and receive more pleasure. The three most important things that you can do to help you enhance your sexual experiences is to incorporate breath, sound and movement. These actions keep you more present, spread sensual energy, and greatly amplify pleasurable sensations. When most men jack off, they have a favorite stroke that they perform on their cocks with great intensity, usually in the same body position, and lasting an average 5 minutes. This trains a cock to ONLY respond favorably to this exact speed, pressure, position and time.

If you want to last longer than 5 minute in bed or cum from a variety of stimulation, you need to jack off longer and try different techniques. This video is a great place to start!

Video concept by Will Tantra: https://linktr.ee/tantricfitness

Recent Comments:
Brilliant and beautiful. Can't wait to practice while watching the hot, handsome model.
This is the best video ever! Hot and instructional at the same time. I know I'll watch this one again and again. I think it will open me up to new experiences.
Your training sessions with Will are quickly becoming part of my favorite videos. He is a soft spoken and very eloquently speaking beautiful man. Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than to get a hot shower and then get in bed for some not rushed alone time with my penis. A few of his techniques I already do but I learned many new techniques to add to my self love making. Thanks Will. His teachings conditions the penis before actual stroking. I like the different squeezing techniques he uses. I do that quite a bit and also press around my pelvic bone. When masturbating the journey with all the wonderful sensations is as nice as the orgasm. When the precum starts flowing as Thyle's did, that is when for me the enjoyment really begins and I want to enjoy it for as long as I can also incorporating edging into my session. Us guys were given a wonderful gift with our penis and we should learn to get the maximum pleasure from them and also take care of them. I love my penis and I consider masturbating (not a quick jack) as making love and loving myself. I also bring my balls into the mix too. Thanks to Will and Davey for teaching us better ways to enjoy our penis, alone or with someone. Davey, Himeros is truly one-of-a-kind.
Nothing like a lesson in sex ed, to make up for the curriculum we never received. Great model to demonstrate on, I do have soft spot for Thyle, and a great cock to show the different techniques. Does Will Teach a master class for when one has mastered these techniques? Or a part two? Looking forward to the instructional email, and discussion Friday.
Love learning about this, definitely gonna try switching up my techniques. Also couldn’t have asked for a hotter demonstrator than Thyle Knoxx
A wonderful instructional video on masturbation. Loved doing all the strokes with Thyle. Would also like to see a video where the guy has multiple orgasms/edging/semen retention. I practice that often. It moves the Energy throughout the whole body.
This is a great video! instructional and hot. I followed along with all these moves, opened up my experience. I'm going to watch this one over and over again!
this is beautiful.
What a great instructional video during International Masturbation Month. I know I’m being tongue in cheek when I say this but every boy entering puberty should watch this. Obviously it won’t happen. And it’s really porn but it covers the topic SO WELL! Thank you Will, Davey, and, especially, Thyle.
Reminds me of a similar piece done by Davey, i.e. NARRATION OVER - very effective as the camera MOVES IN/
Davey, what is the symbolism of the stuffed monkey in the bed? I’m thinking it’s a subtle “spank the monkey” symbolism.
Davey Wavey
Haha you are perceptive!
I really liked how everything was so up close so you could see the real mechanics of the various strokes...that is when I wasn’t mesmerized by the rise and fall of those big beautiful balls.
Let me add some constructive criticism. First, I would put a list of these moves in the main description for quick reference. Here was my tally: 1. Cock-U-Pressure 2. Head's Up 3. All Thumbs 4. Bottle Cap 5. Washing Your Hands 6. Praying 7. Milking the Bull 8. Playing the Guitar 9. Put a Ring on It 10 . Metronome and Root Vibration 11. The Fluffer 12. Old Faithful It sure was fun to watch Thyle (several times to compile the list correctly). That said, I was disappointed in the masturbation-is-only-cock aspect of the video. Sex is about all of the skin. The intro had that. After the intro, touching anything but the cock was not brought up. The balls are sooo close to the action but were ignored. As was the taint, the backdoor, the butt, the thighs, the shins, the feet, the abs, the arms, the chest, the neck, the head - make masturbation a full-body fuck. Make some noise, do some strong hip thrusts - like you were having sex with another strong guy. Masturbation is born of secrecy during early ages where we are not supposed to ever talk about it. I think that is the root of why people are so conservative with themselves. Get a long mirror and watch yourself masturbate and it will no longer be a cock-only thing. Masturbate without touching your cock, talking dirty while feeling up other parts. There are endless possibilities...
Davey Wavey
Fodder for future videos! Thanks for the list as well.
i have to be honest , i was doing just fine going thru the tutorial with the model until we got to the Metronome and he leaked that insane amount of precum, I LOST IT and came so hard. i never wanted to lick my tablet so bad in my life😅😅.....thank you for the video, i now have a goal for the weekend to make it through the video until the end.. i plan to keep practicing😉
Brilliant! This is a fantastic "follow-along-with-me" instructional video. Thanks, Brad, etal.
As I like to put it, masturbation is a manly craft that, with practice, can become a fine art form. This video is wonderfully on point.
How do you keep yourself erect throughout the session?
I love this video! Khyle has such a beautiful face and body, and such a big and fabulous intact cock! I think that Khyle is my favorite model, and I love his OF page. Thanks!
By the way I love it that Khyle’s cock is intact. I guess that being from Canada has many advantages!
This is seriously by far the best instructions video for guys like me and most of my buddies with uncircumcised dicks. We are often trying different ways to work our manhoods together but this is just best way to involve natural foreskin. My foreskin is extremely sensitive and a love to play very gently on it.
Great video. Thylakoids, Thanks for sharing your beautiful cock, balls and orgasm with us!

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