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Jack Like An Athlete - Himeros LIVE

Added: May 20, 2021 | Runtime: 01:07:25 | 542 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video release.
Recent Comments:
Hey Davey. Great discussion between you and Finn. Enjoy your mini vacation with Finn and definitely tell us how the mushroom experience goes. Also you should share some before and after pictures of your new Rhode Island abode. Sounds exciting. I do enjoy jacking quite a bit. But I wait until I have the time to do it properly. Relaxed, plenty of time and not tired. I am loving and admiring myself. I do bring my body into it. Deep breathing is essential. I just wish I had sensitive nipples but I get nothing out of them. A lot of ball massage creates quite a bit of precum for me. Edging is the best thing since Apple Pie. I try to follow the teachings of Bruce Grether and Russel (Dragon Puppy) and not orgasm after a session but I just can't do it. Upon reaching climax after the third edging I just have to bust a nut. I tried it once and my dick and groin area was nagging at me even though I was soft. I have things to do and I can't have my dick bothering me when I don't want it to. If I did this during my really younger days it would have not gone down until I ejaculated because of being so horny. Anyway, your videos are superb and such a joy to experience and learn from. The discussions with Finn, Leo, Dwaine and guests are so fun to watch and calming. Like a group of friends sitting around chatting, talking fun and serious. I love all of you guys for what you do. I love all of your videos and it is hard to pick a favorite because there are so many but one that keeps coming to mind is The Rock Hudson Story. Again, enjoy your visit with Finn. He just looks like a whole lot of fun. Smart, sweet, sensitive and sexy all rolled into one and yes Davey, that is you too.
I always get sucked (?) into your conversations. So valuable. I love the rambling conversations best.
Davey Wavey
Thank you!
Hi Davey. I just joined and already I have to say this is fucking amazing. Just watched the 1st video Jack Like an Athlete and I learned sooooooooo much. Many many thanks xxx

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