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Ice Cream Sex (& Bath)

Added: July 23, 2018 | Runtime: 10:07 | 3,063 views

Watch Davey and friends discuss Ice Cream Sex on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

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As a kid growing up in New England, the best part of summer was afternoon trips to the ice cream shop; it was the perfect end to a hot, long summer day. I remember racing to finish my cone before it melted. And I remember wearing my sticky fingers as a badge of honor.

It’s a memory of both innocence and pleasure - and something that this video translates erotically.

Of course, the playful fun and ecstasy of ice cream sex requires some clean up. And as such, this video transitions into a quiet, beautiful bath.

Bathing together has been a sacred ritual for men for centuries. Through time and across cultures, men have come together to bathe, to share camaraderie, sexual energy and even spiritual union. The act of disrobing ceremonially and washing away the cares of the world together can be super hot and bonding. To bathe with a lover allows space to give and receive pleasure in creative ways that build sexual tension. The heat from the water, the silky feel of his skin beneath the surface, and the tangle of limbs seeking space and permission to melt sets an incredible mood for connection. The body can deeply relax, connect sensually, and open up for a heightened energetic experience. The mind relaxes, too, forgetting about sex roles and performance. Rather than rev our sexual energy into high gear, the intent here is to be slow and melt into each other, to loosen our boundaries, to play.

The bathing ritual was inspired by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com.

Recent Comments:
So sensual! Loved it! And no distracting voice-over, lol. ;)
So sweet.
I can see how this video is telling a story of playfulness and intimacy, which I liked. The camera work is always brilliant, and I also liked it that you let the video speak for itself without a narration. On the negative side, I have to point out the irony in having the top stick it in without foreplay to open up the bottom, especially after another video on here on the topic. I also feel like the many cuts imply that anal sex is more "linear" than it actually is, so it would be nice to be able to see something more continuous to experience (and learn from) the pauses, partner feedback, etc. Finally, I would love to see more body diversity in your videos.
Hot blonde guy in the film, more of him please.
Amazing. Sort of porn meets art house meets meditation. Not even sure it is porn really. Well I suppose it is. Just very different. The penetration was a lot more than the usual f**k and (significantly?) was not the 'climax'. Though the guys are hot models with bodies I could never aspire to, somehow that doesn't matter. I suppose they are good actors but they came across as very much in love. Maybe even if they had only met on set perhaps in that shoot they did kind of fall in love, for that time. But then somehow any back story doesn't matter either. This beautiful meeting was in those moments and that's enough. A glimpse of how anyone could be?
Wow -- beautiful, gorgeous! This is Himeros at its best -- not only sexual but extremely sensual. It's everything that traditional porn is not -- joyous and playful. Creative and sensuous. Partners giving each other pleasure and joy, taking care of each other. It's particularly great to see someone receiving anal sex and loving it, enjoying all the pleasure of being penetrated by someone who cares about giving pleasure and not just getting off -- this is one of the greatest secrets of gay sex, which we need to see more of. And OMG, the cold ice cream on the hot cock at 1:00. Wow.
Who are the two models in this video?
I enjoyed watching these men being playful yet caring and sensual!

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