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Dirty Talk

Added: March 25, 2019 | Runtime: 12:44 | 4,827 views

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Dirty talk is a powerful aphrodisiac - but we don’t always feel the confidence, courage or conviction to share our filthiest verbiage with the men we fuck. In the spirit of loving yourself - especially those dirtiest parts of yourself - this video focuses on a hot fuck session between two men who joyfully, playfully and erotically give voice to their filthy self.

Video features Bishop Black and Kris Blent. Concept by Brad Amberheart: https://www.bradamberheart.com/

Recent Comments:
Loved the video - the talk was sexy not filthy ...😉
Loved the video - good quality, but did not portray what it should have been about - dirty talk - that wasn't dirty talk....
This has to be one the most sensual videos on this site. The chemistry between the guys was outstanding. Thanks for posting.
My husband and I talk, sometimes laugh in our lovemaking--much as they do. At other times, of course, it is intense pounding accompanied by vocalization of our pleasure....
Todd Thompson
It was ok, but i prefer bareback sex. I think acting out sexual adventure in porn may be more mild than what many guys get into in private life. I know a str8 porn guy who moved to str8 sex, makes lots of money and fucks his gals raw. He said gay sex didn't pay much.
This video sets the standard for this site. Expertly crafted and would love to see more just like this. Maybe put the subtitles on the bottom-screen? Would make it feel like watching a major motion picture.
Yes! These two clearly enjoyed each other. More please!!
Tha talk was sweeter than dirty. It should have another video exploring more dirty and kinky talk.
That was extremely sensual and felt rich. I especially enjoyed the skinny pale white guy not being the bottom for a change and it made me hard as a rock watching that masculine, strong, macho top being allowed to enjoy being penetrated like that. You can tell in most porn IF a more feminine man (which I love) tops a more masculine man (which I also love), if he's 'into' topping the obvious top. But this video was spot on....you could tell their chemistry was excellent but mutually enjoying the role reversal, which honestly is about the most sexy thing in the world. To see a top get put in his place by an eager partner to do.

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