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A World Without Fear

Added: May 6, 2019 | Runtime: 07:22 | 7,892 views

Some people tell us that in olden days, long ago, our people - the Queer Tribe - were the magicians, the storytellers, and the spell-weavers. We were the ones who were called upon at the time of birth and the time of death. We had access to another level of seeing things, and we could see a world in front of our eyes that others did not see.

But fear, largely as a result of trauma from the HIV/AIDS epidemic, has separated us from our sex - and therefore, from our power. It is time now to re-claim that power.

Model Kayden Gray has been outspoken publicly about the reality that gay men still are often misinformed and undereducated when it comes to the safety of having sex with someone who is HIV+, on meds, with an undetectable viral load.

The social construct we’re deconstructing is the fear and discrimination that we carry, as gay men, when it comes to HIV+ sex partners - even when they’re undetectable.

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Recent Comments:
Thank you for this wonderful, so important, and absolutely necessary message--told beautifully and sincerely. And so timely in light of the results just announced of a study of 70,000 instances of unprotected intercourse between a Pos undetectable man and his HIV- partner without a single instance of HIV transmission--zero--a finding validated publicly by Dr. Fauci at CDC. Congratulations to Kayden, Kris, and Bishop, and of course Davey, for this!
Todd Thompson
I have found with the era of Prep more guys will fuck raw whether HIV+ or Neg. Its an intense mating between guys. Hopefully more people will get educated and quit denying the real facts about HIV.
Very nice. Beautiful men, beautiful interaction, powerful message and a yummy ending. I really appreciate having a poz model who is open about his status and a production company willing to put out content like this frank AND enjoyable. I'd love to see more, particularly some stories about disclosure, reactions and negotiation in the context of serodiscordant hookups. As Kayden indicated, it doesn't always go well and people have to navigate that reality on the path to satisfaction.
Very beautiful scene! But the models should have sex more efficiently, that will be more likable of showing better interaction.

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