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Added: September 11, 2023 | Runtime: 11:49 | 11,704 views

This video is an exploration of the color white's association with cleanliness and purity. The scene features models of color, intentionally subverting the whitewashing of "purity" while embracing a diverse and non-Anglo-Saxon display of pleasure and play. The scene opens with a white sheet blowing in the wind, and initially portrays tender foreplay and innocence. The heart of the scene is filmed voyeuristically through a screened window on a front porch. As the models progress, they engage in increasingly "dirty" sexual acts, intertwining filth with purity. The film highlights how embracing messiness and vulnerability in sexual experiences can be offer catharsis and empowerment by breaking free from societal conventions and standards.

Video concept by Matthew Shur

Recent Comments:
Not at all crazy about the filter used for the hazy look.
Davey Wavey
Yeah, I agree that it didn't translate well - but it actually wasn't a filter. We filmed it through the windows of a screened in porch for a voyeuristic feel.
I'm glad I read the intro before viewing that gray haze would've driven me crazy. I also read that antics would get dirtier. Well, except for ripping the underwear everything else was rather vanilla. Alex and Derek are fine to look at and Derek's gender bending painted nails a good homage to non binary.
Another great video, though maybe curtains as a 'frame' would have made it easer to read this as thru gauze rather than a fuzzy picture (I'm old enough to remember net curtains lol). And, I saw nothing 'dirty' - but rather beautiful and sexy (if that means I'm a slut, I'd proudly say you're right!)

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