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What's Wrong With My Dick

Added: February 26, 2024 | Runtime: 18:30 | 22,587 views

Our existential concerns manifest in our physical forms, making it hard for us to get hard. However, in the words of Amanda Luterman, “If you’re hard on your dick, your dick won’t get hard.”

In this scene, two guys are about to say “fuck it,” and walk away - but one of them suggests that they play anyway. Instead of centralizing a hard cock, they penetrate each other with fingers and toys and they escalate into frenzied sex that allows them to express themselves without the burden of staying hard. This expands the definitions of what one considers to be “sex,” and allows a greater range of options. When the burden of a hardon is removed, we see the models generate all kinds of play that they may not often access because of ingrained sex scripts that prioritize penis-owners and their expected functions.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
REAL chemistry here! I am eager to see the video.
That was so enjoyable to watch and very erotic. My hats off to Finn for showing you can have very enjoyable sex without a hardon. The chemistry between the two and body contact was awesome. It was refreshing to see them having sex without an erection. A flaccid penis is beautiful in itself. To me a penis is erotic hard or soft and sucking a soft penis can be rewarding in a different way. I loved the butt play. For me personally water sports is not my thing at all but that portion was fun to see between the two. Pissing in my mouth would ruin the whole experience for me but that is just me. At the very end of the scene I saw Jonah becoming slightly hard. I wonder if it was difficult for both of them to remain totally flaccid with all of that stimulation. This episode reminded me of the episode with the older couple who enjoyed sex and their bodies without an erection.
Neat and hot! Most of us have been in a similar situation where head says one thing, heart says another, and dick says something else entirely. Any men of a certain age can definitely relate. Nice to see young guys getting creative. And thanks for the piss play, and unexpected bonus.
I agree with Xavier949. You can have as much sexual fun without an erection, if not more, than with one
Great interaction and flaccid is beautiful. But pity about his spotty bum.

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