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Underwater Lover

Added: August 8, 2017 | Runtime: 01:54 | 2,105 views
Inspired by Andrés from Andrés Sacred Intimate (http://andressacredintimate.com/) and demonstrated by Derek Maxum, you can try this exercise in a pool or tub. Close your eyes. Take five long, deep, belly breaths, with slow exhales. A belly breath is not a cute or polite breath, it’s a full, complete breath in, where you push your tummy out as if no one is looking. Don’t exhaust yourself; just take in a healthy amount of air, and let is roll slowly out of you. It should take approximately twice as long to let out the air, as it takes to suck it in. Repeat five times; don’t rush it. After you have completed the five breaths, pay attention to your body. How does it feel? Are you perspiring a bit? Is anything tingling? Do you notice that the ground feels different, or maybe that you are noticing smells more distinctly? Just sit with that awareness. Count down from five, at when you hit zero, try and focus on tightening every muscle you have in your body. Curl your toes, tighten your leg muscles and buttocks, clench your fists, tighten your chest and arms, squint your face – see if it’s not possible to tighten every muscle in your body at the same time. Hold for at least the count of 15 (if not longer), and then release everything at the same time. When you release all your muscles, pay attention (again) to your body. How does it feel? Are you perspiring a bit? Is anything tingling? Just sit in that awareness. By this time, you should be noticing more in your body. If you are laying outside, you may feel the warmth of the sun, or the gentle glide of a soft breeze against your skin. If you are inside, you may notice the smells in the room, or the texture of the surface you are laying on. Now, with your eyes still closed, using the image in your mind of either water or the warmth of the sun, focus all of your attention on the tips of your toes. Imagine that the water, or the sun’s warmth, has slowly started to touch your toes. Imagine what that feels like. Make that feeling “real” in your thoughts. Now, slowly, imagine that feeling moving slowly up your body. If you are using water, then imagine that water is slowly creeping up your body. Feel it tickling the tiny hairs of your skin; feel the difference in temperature between the cool water and the air. Follow the line as it slowly makes its way up your body. If you are using the sunlight warmth, imagine that shade is making way to the warmth of the sun as it slowly climbs up your body. However slowly you are going, try to go half as fast. Continue by shifting your awareness to each part of your body as it slowly climbs upwards, and keep your attention on the thought of the sensation. Continue all the way to the top crown of your head, pause, and then begin the journey back down. Slowly. When you have returned all the way back to the tips of your toes, where you begin, complete the exploration. Take a full, deep breath. Pay attention (again) to your body. How does it feel? Are you perspiring a bit? Is anything tingling? Just sit in that awareness. See if it isn’t possible to pick 1 or 2 spots on your body where you feel particularly awake and pleasurable (don’t go to the obvious places, like your cock, nipples, or ass). Imagining you are with your favorite lover (it could be you!), touch yourself very softly and gently in those places. Touch yourself like you imagine you would want to be touched, or how that favorite lover would touch you. Relish your sensual vibrations in that moment. Take a few deep breaths, open your eyes, and slowly and gently bring yourself back to your environment.
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