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Under The Table

Added: September 13, 2021 | Runtime: 11:26 | 52,552 views

Where he cannot be fully seen by others, the “strength” of a man is useless. Beneath the line of sight--under the table--he is merely a servant. He cannot use his strength or size as a means to suppress his need to surrender, and he cannot rely on the reaction of others for a sense of who he is deep within himself.

Being under the table is a metaphor for the subconscious. He is most fulfilled being hidden. He has more permission because he is out of sight and in a world beneath the judgments of others.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
With music from the 'Royal Fireworks', this was not really 'a firework' performance, but nevertheless highly entertaining and would have been more so if the other guests at the table could have joined in, but that would have defeated the anonymity and the 'servant' aspect.
that was just fun! Takes me back to when I was a teenager and I dropped something on the floor at a friends house and when I went under the table his big brother only had white underwear on and I could see the outline of his cock and balls and I probably stayed down there want to long as i was mesmerized. Again your video's are beautifully made and the concept really cute! thanks!
A great scene, and kudos to Alex and Gabriel for being able to perform in what appeared to be a very cold environment., being able to see Alex's breath, and the steam coming off of Gabriel's cock when it came our of Alex's mouth, that is truly going above and beyond, but in spite of it all, Alex really embodied, the having permission to please Gabriel. and great cameo appearances by Finn an Davey, but my eyes must have been playing tricks on me, because I swear i say Finn take a bite of cake. all joking aside a great scene. looking forward to more.
Very erotic video. Reminds me of a dinner party I had many years ago. Each guest had a personal waiter who was nude and there to service them in anyway they desired. Everything from cum in the coffee to cum on the strawberries. We just managed to make it to the dessert before most of the waiters were bent over the table and receiving their reward for such good service.
Any video with Gabriel Cross is a winner!!!!!
Anything wit Gabriel Cross in it you can count on being amazing! This movie does not disappoint!
A fun idea, though probably uncomfortable for the actors. Obviously staged and more than a bit weird. Beautifully filmed. Enjoyable but not that arousing.
Probably one of the best scenes I have ever seen. There is a plot, there is fantasy, there is lust. Thanks. Danny
I'm glad that I made an exception and didn't read the commentary before viewing this. Not that the commentary isn't fine; but I reacted to this on the level of sheer comedy. Because I am saturated in ritual and the language of ritual, I couldn't help seeing what a delightful burlesque this is of "gathering up the crumbs under the table"! I love the soundtrack's baroque theme. Get back of that a little and we're right in the middle of a medieval hall, where dogs would be, like Crab inTwo Gentlemen of Verona, under the table, filching food off the table, remaining there a "pissing while." Oh, this is rich, guys. And one of the most uproarious of any you've ever done. Now I'm pondering the connection between Finn's metaphor of the unconscious and the how the unconscious becomes conscious sometimes on the wings of what's funny.
Hands down one of my favorite videos on Himeros! There is just so much that I love. 1) Big table full of sweets 2) Cameo appearances from Davey and Finn. 3) The set! 4) Cute boy under the table ready to suck and ride an eclair. 5) Did anyone else love the hot air radiating from Alex? 6) The humping and coughing that led to a nonchalant "I was choking" from Gabriel. For me the sex was hot but there was also so much indulgence to take in. The entire video was like walking into my favorite bakery or chocolate shop.; Alex and Gabriel were the centerpiece with numerous tantalizing treats I wanted to awe and sample. Excellent work!
The steaming penis in the last scene deserves to go down in porn history! You could even use it as a marketing pitch: "You like your porn steamy? Then check out Himeros.com!" The choice of orchestral music, which no one in the podcast or comments seems to recognize, adds another layer to the humor. It's the "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" by Handel. (Jon1939 at least got the composer right.) Yes, with great fanfare, the twink Queen of Sheba arrives naked and surreptitious and gets exactly what she wants, and what a queen deserves! It's worth mentioning that all of Handel's contemporaries thought he was gay, but there's no evidence of his ever having sex with anyone. He had a hefty lock on his closet! But what was going on under Handel's table?
Such a fun video and fantasy
Delightful! I want to have a dinner party - SOON!!
I agree with @dman89 comments. This is genius. It reminds of a Hogarth print. Those were often suggestive but this crosses the line in a beautiful raunchy way. The set, the music, the food, the premise. A++++. Gabriel Cross is like sex on legs, and Alex is a lusty accomplice. This is one of the first Himeros videos I've watched since subscribing, and it sets a high bar.
Pretty amazing to watch especially being flexible enough to have sex under the table and to crawl across the floor! Quite the feat for sure!

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