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Added: August 2, 2021 | Runtime: 14:46 | 41,009 views

Most of us equate spanking with punishment. If you’re bad, you get spanked. And many spanking scenes are framed in this way. However, spanking can also be a playful, fun, romantic and focused on the bottom's pleasure. And that's what we see in this video, featuring Nico and Jack.

Anchored by the massive trunk of an old growth American sycamore tree, we see a deep connection between the boys and the nature that surrounds them. As the scene unfolds, the boundaries between Nico, Jack and the world around them, become blurred - and a deep sense of connection is felt by all.

Video concept is by Paul: http://www.kinkycoach.com

Recent Comments:
Didn’t know I was into spanking but here we are
WOW, what a beautiful video. The outdoor setting, using the board against the tree is like we just walked upon them in the forest. I also love the you like that boy and sir throughout but it was not degrading but more of a deep connections. It was so sensual as he asked him what cheek. Well done, this was a "River Runs Through It" we all wanted to see.
Great scene. I liked how Nicco can go from a clean cut boy to this edgier version of himself, and I much prefer the later. I also appreciated how he was constantly checking in with Jack to ensure he was enjoying the spanking while still maintaining the role of the dominant. Not Dominant realizes this or give the courtesy of checking in. A great model for exploring unchartered territories between two people.
Beautiful erotic photography. Not only the men, but also their surroundings are charged with sensuality. Beautifully paced. The sound of wood cracking against the sub's bare cheek is a incredibly hot high point.
Great scene, but the cock ring, for some reason got in the way. Nico has a beautiful cock and unless he was having performance issues and needed the ring, I really feel it wasn’t necessary. Otherwise it was a beautifully filmed scene, as always!
Loved the dirty Hanes.
very hot scene with two all-time favorites. I agree with the comment about Nico--he is a great talent as evidenced by the amazing range of roles he has played and how authentic he is in all. Keep that up, and let us see more of both men. thank you.
Very hot scene, pls. do more of this
Hot video, at least I'm hot from watching. Two beautiful men enjoying themselves!
This is possibly the most astonishing gay porn footage I've ever seen. The two guys were so real it was as if I were spying on them in the woods; the beautiful location, the guys soft voices, the quiet background. The spanking in this setting and the natural way it began was an amazing turn-on. Thanks to everyone involved in making this beautiful film.
Nico can use me anytime. Beautiful men.

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