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Trans Body Autonomy

Added: July 26, 2021 | Runtime: 21:10 | 41,391 views
For a lot of gay men, vaginas are unfamiliar territory. And, as such, trans gay porn star Luke Hudson - who has a vagina - finds it necessary to give his gay partners a pussy tutorial. While educating other people about your body can be exhausting, it's also necessary to ensure safety and pleasure. To educate more gay men at scale, we filmed Luke's pussy tutorial with Dillon Diaz on the set of a Himeros.tv film shoot. It's our hope that this conversation - and the hot sex that follows - turns more men on to a fuller spectrum of our community's diverse sexiness.
Recent Comments:
Thank you for sharing many outstanding and insightful aspects from this wonderful video that provides a lot of helpful information and instruction!!
I found myself surprised by how aroused I got watching this. You may have opened me up to new possibilities! Great job!
Davey. Thank you so much for the continuing education with all sexual styles. This is the first time I have seen a trans man nude and this up close and personal. I was amazed at his body. He is a damn good looking man with a physique that could rival any man. If it were not for his vagina you would never know he was once a woman. I can see as a man that if you fell in love with this guy you could have a very loving relationship and satisfying sex life. Actually the man from birth has a bonus. He has a vagina to fuck with no preparation before hand which is a bonus, plus he can fuck in the traditional gay fashion. The guy was really hot. Thank you again for letting us see how a different sexual style can be so rewarding. I never thought about a trans man getting pregnant. I wonder if a trans man could birth a child should the couple want a child? The video was tastefully made and very educational. Thanks Davey and all involved with Himeros.
Wow. Very hot, and I am glad that Himeros has welcomed a trans scene to the platform. The sex was hot, but for me, the best part was Luke's owning how he likes to be pleasured. I am sure this is common for him because most gay men, myself included are not familiar with trans bodies, but wouldn't it be great if we all took ownership of explaining how we like to be pleasured, trans, and cis men alike? We owe it to ourselves. Thanks Davey and team for another great video, and as a follow up comment to last week's discussion on Himeros Backstage, I would be all in favour of a bi scenes as well in the future, and hope this is not just a one of scene for trans representation. It would totally round out your representation, which for me matters.
Davey! a beautiful job of introducing your himeros family to the trans world, learning leads to understanding..continue opening us to the world of love and understanding, next trans women, with gay men!?
Wow very hot!! Totally opened up possibilities for the older cis gay man. I always though trans men were hot but now even hotter. Found myself with a hard on during the whole video! Was educational too for me. Now if the chance arises I will at least know what to do to pleasure him. Because never had pussy before. Thanks for sharing this HOT and tasteful video.
This is educational. Always wonder what the post op genitalia looks like. Can the trans clitoris stimulate an orgasm remains a mystery to me. For the person that transition from male to female is the orgasm the same. This just a curiosity that remains to be answered.
Such a hot video. It was so personal and natural the way they talked to each other during sex - just like we might do in any sexual encounter, giving feedback to each other and suggesting different positions, etc. Great scene!
Hot! I find it so sexy when guys openly say what they want to do, and how they want to do it. Great video.
Woah! This is awesome! The chemistry between these two is electrifying!
The sex was hot, particularly because it seems to focus on one man getting off on making the other feel good. That said, this is another video where the lack of good lighting is annoying.
Luke is such a stud! So glad that he's featured here
I belong to a few man-appreciation pages on Facebook; Lots of photos of hot, handsome, beautifully built guys. In the comments under these photos, someone will often mention the guy's bulge, at which I will have never even glanced. It never made sense to me that anyone would choose to direct their attention to a few inches of fabric covering a guy's crotch when there was so much else going on that was out there for all to see and savor. I always thought, "Are you kidding? With a face and body like that, he could not have a dick and I wouldn't care." That started as a hypothetical in my mind, but as I became aware of a few trans porn models I liked, Luke included, I found that I was 100% serious. The opportunity has never presented itself, but if it ever does, I will be glad for having seen this video.
Beautiful just beautiful. I’m a new subscriber and this really is porn done different. It’s human. Thank you.
Glad the are so many positive comments and I agree representation matters. I was aroused but ultimately, not my cup of tea. I realize it is important and I do want to understand trans persons better, for everything there is a first step.
Beautiful representation and sexy fun
I truly appreciated this video. I loved how it involved communication and variety of life. We are not alphabet soup of LGBTQ + We are humans having organic experiences and when we are open to another person and sharing and holding space with that person- beautiful things can happen. One of my favorites on here for sure.
Riley1138: the reason why you see "so many positive comments" is probably because the ones that aren't supportive are not getting through... If you see this one, I'll be half-surprised.
Davey Wavey
The only negative comments that I don't approve are either mean or unconstructive.
This is absolutely awesome! Thank you for producing this. These two beautiful men absolutely stirred me up. I am truly at a loss for words…
I am writing an article for Naked Magazine to help gay men understand transgender people. I am a cis-male on the Transgender Council st the Cathedral of Hope in Dallas. I will reference this video in my article. Thank you for what you are doing.
I'm Bi - I have had incredible sex with men and women. My partner is gay and young. We both love this video. He is very vagina curious and appreciated having a handsome young transman walk him through another man using his pussy. On a different note I thoroughly appreciate Himeros producing an incredibly homoerotic video with a transman. These two men are beautiful. This is not Bi content. This is not hetero content. This is a gay content that recognizes that men exist with big dicks and little dicks and some of them have no dicks and some even have vaginas. Thanks for producing something beautiful. Your willingness to produce work like this makes me happy to be a subscriber.
Well done. It was certainly more erotic than I would have imagined. Two handsome men, though a bit different, having glorious sex with each other. It was educational as well as stimulating
FTM is a shorthand seen sometimes on hookup sites. This video made FTM real and very hot (too hot for me not to spill some seeds 3/4 through). I bought the wife a strap-on, told her I was crazy for her to use it on me. Three was enough for her. In all the decades of watching porn, I have never seen a male like Luke do his thing. Love it when two guys fuck each other - so much more homo in the homosexual that way. That would happen nearly every time with a guy like Luke. I will be responding to the next FTM ad I see.
Thanks for putting this out there, Davey - and thanks to Luke and Dillon for being willing to film it. As they both said in your YouTube version of this, it's a good reminder to have conversations with your partner about what they like and don't like - regardless of whom you're getting together with.
I loooove this!! Way to diversify.. keep it comin'!
Thank you. Just, thank you. I'm a trans guy and this is the first time I've ever been able to watch a video featuring a FTM guy all the way through. Usually they're far too fetishized and focus on penetrative sex as the only way to have sex with a trans guy. This felt authentic, from the conversation in the beginning to the give and take of both actors. Seeing ethical porn like this is the reason I came to Himeros. 10/10 hope to keep seeing more from y'all.
I have always thought that I had some bi tendencies and I did eat pussy from a transgendered male about 10 years ago as I wanted to experience pussy on my bucket list. However, watching this video and seeing how hot Luke is and that you would never know that he was transgendered until he got undressed was so stimulating for me. Seeing pussy up close and watching it being eaten out, raised my sexual excitement higher than it has been in a long time. I may have to meet up with a trans person again to eat pussy as I did enjoy it that one time years ago. Thanks for this video as i never expected to see a trans person here with a pussy. So thankful for it.

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