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Touch Me

Added: February 1, 2021 | Runtime: 18:39 | 21,094 views

This video is a ritual-in-action which also serves as documentation of a unique and unprecedented time of acute touch deprivation in our society.

The isolation and touch deprivation of the COVID era is merely a deepening of what many men have long felt. Long before the existence of what we call COVID, men have felt alone in a world where there are so many of us who long for the same thing--touch and connection.

We hope that you’ll see this video as a ritual of re-activation. The man you’re seeing touched by 6 other men in this video had not received any touch for many months, until the day this video was filmed. We encourage you to witness how he courageously asks for what he most desires, and how graciously he receives. Let the men in this video represent the legions of men who are longing to be touched, as well as the legions of men who are eagerly waiting to give loving touch who those are are ready and willing to simply ask.

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
Great video on so many levels, beginning with the concept. For once, I read the introduction first, and in this case I think it was fortuitous. Knowing that this scenario has lots of potential interpretations and possible applications makes the whole thing both more fanciful and more believable. Of course the main value is how immediately it speaks to me and probably everyone else who is touch-starved and intimacy-deprived during this pandemic. But then, a nice surprise was seeing my friend Dragon Puppy making (I presume) his debut with Himeros. Thanks, too, for the display of different ethnicities, colors, ages, and bodies. How very nice to see a prosthesis as natural as any other body part, and its beautifully handsome wearer woven into the entire scene of body celebration and erotic touch, both with it and without it.
Very beautiful - I love the camaraderie, the boding, the sharing and helping that the other men offer to help a man overcome things be it self doubt, body image, loss or rejection. I feel it now during the isolation of 2020 - 2021. I look forward to visiting a centre like this one.
Davey, that was amazing. It sums up the feelings of so many of us for the last 10 or 11 months. I’m not sure we could all experience seven guys getting together and doing what happens in this video but the power of touch of other people (men) is so important. In my own case it’s been almost a year since I’ve been with another man. Covid has messed us up so badly. Thank you for reminding us, as if we needed a reminder, how important having other men around us to be really fulfilled.
This was a touch starved person's dream come true. It was incredible. Starting with the massage and the guy placing his face on the back of the guys head and nuzzling, what a loving feeling. The kissing was passionate and the nipple play was erotic. The body contact, chest to chest, pelvis to pelvis and intertwining bodies is what got me. I also love the diversity of older guys, younger guys and different races. It is so comforting to see younger guys and older guys enjoying their sexuality together and age difference is not an issue. The sucking was done in a comforting and loving manner. The orgasms of a touch starved person finally having contact with people again must be very intense, and then the afterglow. I was imagining myself right in there with those guys. Well done Davey and Brad.
Beautiful done, an excellent portrayal of asking for, giving and receiving consent, an art form that seems to have been lost, but in the current climate around safety, is more important and respectful than ever as we all try to navigate intimacy. Also the most diverse portrayal of men in all their beauty, and the most emotional orgasm, i have ever witnessed. Who thought porn could be a tear jerker. Definitely in my top 10 porn videos I have ever watched. Thank you
I watched this video again and I have to say it is your best to date. So good that I had to comment again. I didn't realize that was Dragon Puppy until jonathancircle pointed it out. I was so intrigued and felt so involved with all of that masculinity and male intimacy that after watching it again I just had to shoot a load so I could let up thinking about it. It was that beautiful and erotic. I just wanted to be in the group so bad. It was an absolutely beautiful portrayal of male intimacy after being denied that intimacy for a prolonged period of time. It has been a while for me too and seeing this being portrayed so realistically made my body and my dick feel like I was in the group.
Just beautiful!
I did not read the concept in advance. I found the video very confusing. What is going on? Certainly an unusual group of men. But where are they coming from and why are they there? The early scenes with just two men were what I liked.
Incredible. I love how many different kinds of me are here, how much the love being in this group, and how they reveal in their sensuality. I would love to explore something like this someday.
Beautiful. Touching is healing! Love it!
This was fantastic. More Connor please.
Davey Wavey
Indeed, he is in quite a few more of our videos!
Excellent... just excellent!
Wow...what a dream come true. I conceived this video as a ritual-in-action, so that the men we see here represent thousands of other men who are ready for a world filled with life-giving, joyful, fun sexual play. I watched it happen that day in New Mexico, and now, 3 months later, I'm really excited to say that the ritual we did there is still doing its work, coming alive, and inspiring a lot of guys. Yummm! Dream come true!
Connor's in other videos? You mean that haven't been released yet or that are already on the site? I'm anxious to see more, too.
Davey Wavey
Other videos that haven't yet been released! You can go to his model page - all the other videos will be listed there as they are released.
Thank you! This is video is so powerful. The energy. The people. The Diversity. I am in awe.
Intense, just as Davey promises all Himera.tv newcomers. Davey said and says: "It'll be the gay porn you always wanted." When Davey speaks I listen - what a beautiful site. What a beautiful thing to see men embrace. Kiss. Hold one another.
It's different than anything I've ever seen. Love these Tantric dudes, so loving and authentic and available. Love the loud SFX (sound effects when they kiss). Great site @ DW.
Communicated to me a great Hunger. From everyone involved. From initial idea and writing. "How to shoot it, where to shoot it," everything is just so in rhythm here. Very successful production, would love a lot of these.
5:58 - Love this jockstrap so much. Terrific camera work.
could you send this crew to my house, please.?
I've never posted a comment before, and now's the time! This video moved me greatly and I watched it and bated right along with the guys. The power of m2m touch is incredible and I, too, have not been touched by a man in a long time. There's hope! I loved the "ministry" (if that's the word, and I think it's apt) of the 6 men to the main dude with the bun. They were a community of love, concern, fun and most of all CARE for him in a beautiful way. The video is, as all of yours are, Davey, so well done. YOU are a gift/minister to me!!! Phil Oregon
Wow! What makes your Videos unique is the production quality. I have a saying: "Whoever has the BEST THEATER WINS!" I am a Professional Artist and a Professional Actor. I draw and Paint Male Nudes. I am a guy and I find that all male bodies are interesting. I am amazed that almost all A list Male Actors have had Nude scenes, with erections and Cum. Some actors are straight, and they have played gay characters.

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