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Three's Company

Added: December 13, 2021 | Runtime: 31:28 | 28,514 views
It has been said that voyeurism is participation. And in this experimental and multi-sensory film, Romeo Jace and Jonah Wheeler take voyeurism to the next level. A third wheel, you are not.
Recent Comments:
Wow. So erotic. Loved this mindful experience of sexual pleasure.
A unique and hot concept. I have a bit of a voyueristic tendency and really appreciated the verbal and eye contact Jonah and Romeo had with the camera. Very engaging allowing the audience to fully appreciate what they were experiencing. Great video, and great Job Davey and Crew. Your tighttie whities are even starting to rub off on me. Not buying a drawer full, but I can at least appreciate them from afar now. Great job.
This is incredible. Wow.
Thank you. This is just one of the most lovely and sexy ones ever. I have so many himeros favorites and this is high on the list. It’s all the expressions of passion and joy , pleasure, giving and receiving, masculinity and femininity, sensuality. Sexiness. Etc. The way you bring us in as loving voyeurs is done so nicely. Both men were terrific but I thought that the expressions and authenticity of Romeo were just outstanding. Great thanks to them and to you for such a wonderful experience.
Beautiful breaking down of the fourth wall, expressing what we feel rather than staying in our heads. Relatable, sexy models do an admirable job. More please!
I also note that this film was twice as long as most of your videos. I felt the length really allowed the men to connect more deeply, to show more sexual feelings and for the sexuality to build and wash across them. I hope you’ll consider lengthening your videos so that you can allow more of this kind of portrayal, which adds to authenticity and distinguishes himeros from your typical men2men site.. Keep up the great work
Wow! What an interesting approach! This technique really does pull the viewer directly into the erotic experience.
No words....only overflowing feelings, emotions and connectedness verbalize is what I heard and saw. Thank you for this exquisite video.
Davey et al, this is one of your best! I started watching, thinking I'd give it just a quick look and get back to my tasks of the day. But I continued to the delicious end. The conversation--narrative--was as sexy as the physical touching. Will you do more of this sort of thing? It far surpasses the last new video.
Great concept! Very empowering. I think witnessing and being witnessed are crucial for transcendent sexual experiences. I include verbal components in my tantric workshops.
I loved it all especially the smells and taste----so erotic!
SO awesome. I would sure like to see more of Romeo, especially. Does he have an onlyfans?
I really like the way these two guys took concept development to the next level. It was incredibly hot to see the physical and emotional attraction play out.
Beautiful, and so very arousing! I am a very verbal guy, so their verbal efforts made this even more realistic for me. Outstanding!
Love this. Never seen anything like it. It's amazing it wasn't thought of sooner
This is definitely my favourite👨🏻
This is the sexiest video I've ever seen because it's so grounded in the models' bodies in the present moment. I've been learning embodied mindfulness recently, and this video shows what it looks, and sounds, and tastes, and smells, and feels like to bring embodied mindfulness to sex. This video is a breakthrough in the history of porn.
Just one word . . . HOT!
I taste the toothpaste in the cracked corner of your lips. I smell the burrito you had for lunch. I hear the dog gnawing on the piano leg. I feel the curious grittiness on the bottoms of your feet. I see the windows need washing. I perceive a multitude will consider this tedious video profound.
A masterpiece.
Have to agree with others that this is exquisite, deeply moving. "I love being seen," says Jonah. There is something deep in our souls that aches to be simply noticed. But noticing is just the beginning of sharing, and sharing just the first layer of participating. There is to my mind nothing trivial about paying attention to whatever is. The present is all we have, and therefore the only thing of which we may be deprived. Thanks for a video that invites us to tune in fully to every layer of the intimate moment.
I just rewatched this and can’t believe how perfectly done this one was. The actors are incredible. Their words seem natural and they are both completely in the moment. Erotic to the max! Thank you for this level of quality.
Davey, I have been catching up to your past videos. I know I sound like a broken record but damn man, this video belongs in The Hall of Fame. Man it was nice for the models to describe EVERYTHING they were experiencing. It was so personally intimate to describe the smells, the textures, the emotional feelings of what each guy was experiencing. Even to the point of describing the magnification of emotions like hearing the leaves moving outside. The description of how the body contact felt. Even the description of the feeling his cock head felt while he was entering Romeo. This was something to behold. Beautiful and passionate and each models description of each feeling and emotion intensified the experience. I became very aroused at the very beginning just listening to them talk to each other. Jonah's description of the build up to his orgasm was awesome. I was totally mesmerized. And even though I was hard the whole time, at the end I didn't feel the need to ejaculate. I just savored the intimate feelings in my body and my cock.

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