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The Watched - Part I

Added: September 10, 2018 | Runtime: 09:22 | 3,325 views

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We’ve all seen porn. But porn doesn’t always demonstrate real connection and authenticity. So what does it look like when two guys with a real chemistry come together for hot sex like no one’s watching? Or maybe, like everyone’s watching.

Indeed, having sex in front of a glass window can be exciting and tantalizing. Is anyone watching?

Recent Comments:
Beautiful - but would love to see more beautiful face to face ass fucking ...
A beautiful, hot and sensuous clip. Great photography that showed the quiet seduction between two men wanting the same thing--to be loved and fulfilled. I thought this film was very well done. Great job!
Sensuously beautiful. Captures the beauty of man-to-man loving....
Brad Amberheart
Fuck yeah! What an incredible place to make love! I feel like this video captures the potency of deep male-to-male intimacy, not to mention a good, hot, jack-hammer assfuck scene. Yum! I also happen to have been on the set, and I'm delighted to report that these two models were chosen for this video shoot specifically because they're actual lovers in real life, who have great chemistry together. I love the way the video conveys their sensual-erotic connection in the beginning...and I also love the way the same video can also show how their raw, primal, ass-pounding is just as much a part of their intimacy as the kissing, caressing, and affection they share from the beginning. And oh...I fucking LOVE that big load at the end, all over the bottom's face. Yum! Thanks for yet another well-conceived and well-done piece of short gay erotica. Great models...real lovers.
This was beautifully shot and the lighting did a great job of adding to the sense of intimacy but I think the music should have been layered with the soft sounds of breathing and movement and gasps etc. Because the darkness does hide a lot of the signs that people notice and relate to when it comes to arousal.
Passion between 2 men is the most exciting part to me. Touching, kissing, making love, and so much more makes it look like there is nothing else in the world but this moment! You can see the passion
Why is everything shown in shadow, obscuring what's really going on? It appears the producers are trying to hide something, when I thought the idea was to be more open about sexuality as it's practiced.
I love the irony of two awesome men making romantic love in obscurity but yet wanting the world outside of their inner privacy to know how much they love one another as they fucked next to the windows with drapes wide open. I think this is a wonderful way to show the world how proud we gay men are to demonstrate the beauty of true gay love with such beautiful ass pounding as he fucked his lover who ultimately received his lover's awesome load. Beautiful in every respect. Very arousing scene! Very intimate! A very revealing and meaningful thought provoking love scene!
Simply beautiful to watch and feel what both men are enjoying! I want all the cum!

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