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The Stripper

Added: April 8, 2024 | Runtime: 22:34 | 33,036 views

Here are three facts:

1. Oliver Marks and Carter Collins are real life boyfriends.

2. Alex Mecum is Carter's porn crush - and they've never had sex, until this scene.

3. Oliver is turned on by watching people experience pleasure.

Put those three ingredients together, and you get one powerful scene that's dripping in authentic pleasure.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com

Recent Comments:
Oh my! Instant erection! Mmmmmm 😍
Nice having a fellow Oliver in the scene.
I have to tell you Davey this is one of the hottest scenes you have ever made. Not really any story to tell, just fun and hot sex with 3 beautiful men. I love your videos which convey a meaning, they are what makes Himeros so special. But every once in a while a video of just fun sex is great too. Those guys got me hard as a rock and drooling precum. Like Commenter Olly said ""instant erection" and man was he right. I will watch this one again and try and cum with these guys. So good to see Alex too. As I said I love all of your videos. Many of them inspire a feeling in me. But this is one to jack with.
One of the hottest in a long time. Beautiful men and great action. Keep them cumming!
DAMM! This is so hot! I want my husband to get me a stripper on my birthday!
Just wanted to let you know Davey I watched this video again and jacked with it. I had a feeling it was going to be a special session. It most definitely was. It has been quite a while since having an orgasm that intense. I felt it in my legs and toes. It has also been a while since I shot that intense too. Thank you so much. That video was scorching hot.
What a hot ride! I love Alex Mecum and think he was the perfect birthday present for at least one of these two handsome hot young guys. Perfect video!
Alex has always been one of my favorite models. Seeing him interact with Carter and Oliver and vice versa, was so freaking hot. It won’t take much to put Carter and Oliver in my favorites too. I have just made this video a favorite. I hope we get to see a lot more of Carter and Oliver. There is some chemistry there and beautiful bodies. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. I look forward to watching/listening to the interview.
Absolutely brilliant! Represents the very best of Himeros without explanation, introduction, or apology by presenting a reality that we can identify with (and have) on our own terms. We’ve imagined this, we’ve wanted this, and these three are showing how it’s done with respect, empathy, and sweat. No wonder you’ve been talking this up - it connects so many dots on so many levels. Yes to more of this type also.
Beautiful!! Highly erotic!!!
All three of them came! Every gay dude watching this was pumping his fist (and his dick!) in solidarity.
Amazing so sensual the couple is sooo hot.

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