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The Sissy And The Masc

Added: October 19, 2020 | Runtime: 10:01 | 9,302 views

Dominance and submission are existential poles of a spectrum within each and every one of us. We cannot identify with one side without having an innate understanding of its opposite - an inverted point of reference. Patriarchy has institutionalized shallow standards of masculinity that include: putting others down, bottom shaming, top's privilege, as well as demeaning, racist, and misogynist beliefs and actions that are wrecking the world. In general, being a piece-of-shit is not only expected; it’s encouraged. That is the very definition of being a coward - hiding behind a mask (masc) because, inside, you have nothing to feel manly about. Inside every dom top is a sissy boy.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Great concept well executed.
I will admit, that although I enjoyed the movie, I had difficulty relating the concept notes with the movie himself. the scene starts with a slender built naked young man sitting on a chair stroking himself, and really all we know about him is that he has a big cock. fast forward to the young man enters the room dressed in what I am assuming period dress, a fan and wearing shear panty hose. I guess he could be perceived as the submissive based on the some articles of dress the end and the nylons, but in terms of action, it is hard to determine who is the submissive and who is the sissy and who is the masc. I guess personally i didn't find either masculine in stereotypical terms, other than one had a large cock. Will be looking forward to the podcast for clarification. Other than that, beautifully shot, in a stunning location.
Beautifully photographed, as usual Davey. But I have to agree with billyb with regard to execution. I don't see a dom and a sub here. I see two self-absorbed young boys more interested in their own gratification than in any form of interaction. I definitely saw nothing related to the discussion in the concept paragraph. And that brings me to something I found very disturbing - the final statement in that paragraph. "... hiding behind a mask (masc) because, inside, you have nothing to feel manly about. Inside every dom top is a sissy boy. " That's unworthy of you, Davey. It's also a very blatant generalization, and - IMO - comes from someone wounded or bitter about past experience with the wrong kind of "masc". I'm a retired drag queen, born and raised farm brat, and have run the gamut in life experiences. I've known men of the type you speak of, and I find them tiresome and pitiable. I've known men so effeminate it's painful to watch them fumble through a day. I've also known men (and women) of both "types" that were as well adjusted, generous and loving as you could hope for. I'd like to believe I'm in that latter group, and I don't deny the others exist, but to make such a sweeping negative as that last sentence is just not the Davey Wavey I'd thought I'd come to know over the years of watching your videos.
Davey Wavey
I hear what you're saying, but "sissy" - in this instance - isn't a slur. It's a term of empowerment. And indeed, inside every masculine man is the inversion of that masculinity... we all contain both sides of the same coin. We all contain both masculine and feminine energies; this video is an effort to balance both.
Davey Wavey
Just wanted to follow up as I had a chat with Finn regarding your perspective. Here's a little bit more from Finn: "Yes, I think you are right in a lot of what you’re raising here. Also, I think you are pointing to the problem that we are trying to highlight--that “dom” and “sub” are constructs of language that we all define in different ways, sometimes quite divergently so. The intention that led us to this video creation was to take apart the common ways in which dom/sub are described and experienced and replace those constructions with our own suggestion: that one really creates these two ends of a polar spectrum in one’s self. A final note- What we see is both a result of what we are seeing (the object) and how we are seeing (our own process). What are we looking for? What are we not acknowledging?"
Most alluring.
A nice concept. Clark Lewis is a nice addition. Porn and erotica needs more classical geeky/nerdy looking guys and not just a stereotypical hot guy with big glasses on him
Davey Wavey
Yes, there is something deeply erotic about glasses!
I love the chemistry between these 2. Can’t get enough of them. The beautiful “sissy” boy was awesome. Showing him all he needed to get off! I wanted him!
This was tantalizing and a beautiful conceptual shoot.
It's the same model for both characters, right? That seems like an important element to the video that some folks seem to be missing.
Davey Wavey
Yes, the same model played both roles!
I see the aristocrat meeting the common man, both enjoying the homage they pay to Lord Penis--the real master of us all!
I miss videos with this one. First twink who's ever raised serious attention in my shorts. Not too sure why. lol
Davey Wavey
Lots more of Clark coming soon!
I experienced this as two different genders in the same person, which reflects my own recent journey. This video gave me one way of expressing "she/her" without implying that I am uncomfortable with my body (which has a cock). I often experience social dysphoria, but only because it seems that people see me as only "he" (and that gets complicated too, as visible disability is part of my bodily experience, and some people treat me as "feminine" or "childish" because of it). Thanks so much--this moved me more than I can say!
An erotic nerdy “prince and the pauper “
Clark is a real young artist with strong personality with wide spectrum of curiosity to experimenting different lifestyles. Actually deep inside he is real born aristocratic man with natural sense for activities like it was common by every young gentleman with aristocratic background. Especially since baroque era, then even more in rococo living on spacious castles with huge number of same people. Upper aristocratic gentlemen were educated to very open sexuality. I had a luck to study the history of the art by university professor which was expert for that era and his lessons were always full of curiosities including humorous details like personal hygiene and sexual habits of that time. We started to speak privately with few similar art students privately with him. Once he asked us to participate as a part of a aristocracy in a historical movie. We became the same white transparent tights and should wear them without any undies directly on our hairy crotches. On the set we should get together with many another statists ready for our scene playing on the french rococo castle during masked nights festivities. Few of us should do same things in historical costumes like the guy in this movie. My best friend and I get drunken by repeating the dining scene many times. We were both in the age when we started experimenting with our sexuality. We both had still feminine side that time which mixed with strong males sexual hormones exactly like the guy on the video. Now, after years we are still best friends but both much more typical guys without doing any kind of funny things like years ago.

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