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The Road Travelled

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Added 12/03/2018

Categories: Anal Pleasure Art Hunks Oral Self-Pleasure Twinks

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Watch Davey and friends discuss The Road Travelled on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

Discover why we created The Road Travelled on the Himeros.tv blog.

When we connect to the significance of sex, what different acts mean to us, we connect to the essence of who we are. Inside all of us, there are many roads, many destinations. When we take a journey with a sex partner, we stop time, we create an embodied ritual. We invite each other into our inner worlds and literally take a journey through each other’s psyches. Without meaning, it is merely friction.

This has been the road traveled by many gay and queer men before our time - always looking for a safe place to go. Travel was necessary, even in small stints to find somewhere, often between men who didn’t even know each other before, an interplay between safety and danger. These men traveled “out there” somewhere to lay down the vigilance he upholds in his daily life. There is an inherent danger in this, too.

This concept was developed by Finn Deerhart from www.finndeerhart.com and features Remy Cruze and Hunter Graham.

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