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The Invocation

Added: December 30, 2019 | Runtime: 15:56 | 17,646 views

Before the eyes of God and men, Alex invokes his deepest desires.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

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Recent Comments:
Ah! To receive such a blessing from a Holy Trinity! To receive such sacraments!
What a beautiful and spiritual erotic video! I think this is the most ecstatic video I've ever seen. The original meaning of repentance (metanoia in Greek) is "getting out of your head," and these four models really got out of their heads and into the ecstasy for this video. And the soundtrack is fabulous! It begins and ends with one of my favorite pieces by William Byrd, "Christe qui lux es et dies." (You can find it on the album "Music for Compline" by Stile Antico.) The text is a prayer for a peaceful night, and I'm sure the models slept well after this shoot! Interestingly, one of the verses says, "Let not the enemy steal us away, / Let not the flesh consent to him / And make us guilty in your eyes." Traditionally that would be interpreted as avoiding sex. But I didn't see any enemies in this story; I saw men treating each other with love and reverence. To me the Satanic enemy is shame -- that's what makes us feel guilty, unlovable, and thus unloving. As I've healed my sexual shame, I found that the more I opened myself to human love, the more capacity I had for divine love as well. I'm a former Catholic priest. If I had a community that embodied divine love the way these four models do in this video, I would still be in the church. But I've found a network of friends who are devoted to erotic spirituality. And now when someone asks what erotic spirituality means, instead of explaining in words, I can just show them this video.
Davey Wavey
Thank you for such a beautiful and thoughtful commentary. I'm really glad that the video struck a chord with you. And thank you for the added insight.
PS: What's the music in the middle of the video? I didn't recognize it, although the singers sound like Chanticleer.
Davey Wavey
It's called Fairy Ring 3 1959/43 by Tim Garland (PRS)
What a beautiful and toe-curling piece of worship, submission, awe and ecstasy. True transcendence! Take these wonderful sacraments to your comfort, pilgrim. Glorious viewing- a slice of heaven.
The concept and direction of this piece is profoundly beautiful. Very thoughtful and touching. God loves all his children, which all of us must never forget .
What brilliant conceptualization and direction. Profoundly beautiful and thoughtful. God does love all his children !
again would wish more completely hard dicks
Davey Wavey
Curious why hard dicks are so important to you? The reality is, not all dicks are hard all the time - and most of the dicks in porn are artificially hard through the use of injections and drugs. We're really not interested in injecting our models - and I like to remind our audience that dick hardness is not always a measure of arousal. We can be very aroused and soft, and sometimes very hard and not aroused. So my question to you is why are hard dicks so important to you?
What a gorgeous intro to Himeros. All four guys are so hot. The music is really quite appropriate. I, too, like William Byrd's work. AND I'm really glad that Gawd answered Alex's prayer so quickly. I wish that were always the case! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cum often!
Davey Wavey
Beautiful video and what a terrific Holy Trio! Lord, please let me be as lucky as that young man! Wonderful idea. I was horny all day. Getting a Holy Trinity fuck is a great way to start off the New Year.
This is so HOT!
I'm going to use one word only STUNNING
I am a Protestant minister and bi. I have done a lot of reading on erotic spirituality--integrating sex and spirituality. Words in the Bible take a new meaning--Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth; taste and see; I in you and you in me; take and eat--this is my body given for you; the bridegroom comes. Sex can be a sacrament--a visible, embodied way to experience the Sacred. This video expresses so well my experiences. I have often imagined having sex in a church and here we see it. What a beautiful Trinity. The music adds a lot to the video. Thank you for reminding us that sex can be sacred. Sex can be a prayer. Sex can be the doorway to the Beloved One.
p.s. Rumi says "The way we make love is the way God comes to us."
After seeing this video several times, I realized that the first shot, of the naked boy kneeling in prayer, reenacts one of my boyhood erotic experiences: kneeling in church and looking at the butts of the boys kneeling in front of me, especially if they were wearing tight pants. I'm glad I can now affirm that experience without the shame. Also, Jay, thank you for the Rumi quote. I'll be meditating on that for a while.
John, I ordered the CD you mentioned. Thanks.
Making love man-on-man is sacred--a holy communion, which you've captured so so beautifully!
What a beautiful poem of love, spirit and sensuality. It really touched my inner being...
Brad Amberheart
What I've just witnessed, watching this video for the first time, is an absolutely brilliant portrayal of man-to-man love...a testimony that our passion, our kink and even our ravenous LUST is worthy of being held in the highest of temples. I'm amazed by how well these men portray love, deep passion, and--ultimately--the Divine in their eyes. Basically, what I'm seeing--and saying--is that even what we call "kink" or "raw primal lust" is beautiful, sacred, powerful, and deeply meaningful for out health and the full expression of our spirit. I could anticipate that the juxtaposition of Christianity and overt male-male eroticism could potentially be challenging to some viewers, and I'm here to offer this perspective: Something magical happened in this video, which is a re-claiming of a vital part of ourselves. We had almost lost this part...and today, we get to have it back, and celebrate it for the full beauty of all that it is. Thank you, Finn Deerhart, for your brilliance in bringing the challenges of our religious upbringings into a context where they are fuel for new life in film. Amen.
Made me cry. I am 70 and have been deeply ashamed of my sexuality my whole life - rejected by both God and man. Thank you for this insight.
OMG what a beautiful reunion of the spiritual and erotic. What some might consider profane I call blessed and holy. @John 12/31 So wonderfully said
In many ways the most beautiful, sensuous, profound erotic video I've ever watched. Few minds seem able to imagine that deep prayer and ecstatic sex are ever wed in the Western, Christian tradition. To be sure, even fewer of us who, like me, are priests, pastors, and theologians, are either self-aware or courageous enough to articulate the profound correlatives of incarnation and resurrection of the body in a way that fully celebrates human flesh. Reading the comments above is as gratifying to me as the video itself. That you have created a space where men can cast aside shame and guilt and celebrate our own eroticism AND reflect on it is itself a gift. My whole life's work is devoted to opening up the long locked door between spiritual and sexual life. I actually joined this site a few days ago in order to experience the range of images that dare to celebrate the aesthetic and spiritual reality that is often appropriated as morally suspect and spiritually inferior. Although the organization I direct is not Christian or allied with any other particular tradition, we create safe spaces where men can unpack and celebrate the integration of their sexual and spiritual experiences whatever they are. (Sometimes in queer culture it is more challenging to confess one's spiritual sensibilities than the kinkiest of kinks.) As Rumi famously wrote, "There's a field beyond right and wrong; I'll meet you there." That field is, like this video, the place where the curtain between sanctuary and human body is pulled aside (nicely depicted in the set) so at last the human being can feel the joy in embodying the Divine, to whom all hearts are open, all desires known, and from whom no secrets are hid.
Loved this! What is more natural than fucking at the alter in church. I have always wanted to do that bc it’s suppose to be such a sin. If church makes you feel ashamed of who you are. You are going to the wrong church.
Thank you for the many positive comments on this beautiful erotic video. Just downloaded "Music for Compline" by Stile Antico (thanks John).
This video exudes love, each of the four beautiful men seemed so gentle, caring and warm. I felt like I was watching a perfect dream where our most sincere love and feelings could come to fruition. Excellent work Finn !
What a beautiful video. It's symbolism can probably be interpreted in many way. What resonated was the idea of a young man finally allowing himself to receive gifts from other men - the gift of being opened up, the gift of a man's seed, and the gift of release. How beautiful that the three men wanted to share their gifts and that the young man could receive them fully. Fully giving and receiving such gifts can be profoundly spiritual.
This video brought me here. I happened across it a few weeks ago - on a site which shall not be named - and I have not stopped thinking about it. It has haunted me in the most profound way. Yes it’s porn but it’s also beautiful. I want to read the story of these men. I want to write the story of these men. I have never seen a more beautiful and graceful bottom than Alex. His expressions and bodywork is just off the scale. As a woman I’m not entirely sure I’m his type but I want to worship this boy. I think I’ve watched it eight times and it never fails to stun me. Absolutely gorgeous work from everyone. I’ll be over here writing the fanfiction of this masterpiece if anyone (Alex) is looking for me. Bravo!

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