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The Great Emptiness

Added: March 29, 2021 | Runtime: 14:26 | 16,389 views

Inside of every man is a great Emptiness to be filled. It is a fundamental truth of being humans with spiritual cravings. Over our lifetimes, we wrestle with this Void in many ways. Some men find fulfillment in the gaze of their beloveds. Some men find religion. Still, others may never wish to know the gods that fill their bodies from behind - in dark, solitary moments - cocks touching us from the inside out. Spirituality is an inside job. Only when the walls that we have built inside of us come down, whatever their justifications, can we truly fill the voids that haunt us.

Concept by Finn Deerheart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Davey, Finn, absolutely beautiful!! The filming locations you choose are what sets Himeros apart from every other site. Beautiful and exotic locations, not a movie set. Where was this filmed? The castle was gorgeous, outside and in. The lighting coming through the windows just adds to the perfection in the filming. The two models were superb. I have never seen anyone who can arch his body the way Alex can. The scene where Clark was walking towards Alex in the corridor was a nice touch. The love making was scorching hot and again so realistic. It doesn't look staged at all, just two guys having passionate sex in an exotic setting. I love listening to the podcasts after each film because sometimes I don't always understand at first how the title relates to the film. Then when I hear you guys discussing it a light goes on in the brain and it becomes clear. I love how you guys all work together and create such realistic scenes. Thank you for all of the beautiful work you produce for our enjoyment. All producers should use your work as a guide. Your discussions are so nice to listen to. Just like a family of friends having a good time discussing the work they made.
An interesting video. I loved the use of the mask to heighten other senses, particularly the clicking of the boots down the hall. It really added to the anticipation of what and when was going to to happen to/for Alex. I often use a blindfold to mix things up with a trusted partner in the bedroom. What was somewhat disappointing was Alex's "death grip" masturbation technique while he was being penetrated. He appeared to be more interested in getting off than enjoying the experience. But I admit this is coming from the point of view of someone who doesn't have the camera pointed on them. In contrast, Clark mixed things up, enjoying different positions, speeds, and general techniques. Overall a great scene in a beautiful location. Duane should be able to over a lot of comments on the drapery :). Looking forward to the discussion Friday
I wouldn't think it possible to make two (beautiful) twinks fucking look original, like something you haven't already seen hundreds of times; but this scene manages to do just that. The photography, in particular, finds new ways to capture what's going on. It's one of the very few porn scenes that evokes what it feels like to fuck and be fucked. I just wish the top had gone to work on his fuckboy's pretty nips. They're just waiting to be pinched and pulled. Otherwise, this is one of your outstanding scenes.
I absolutely love these two together! The location was spectacular. That bed to die for. I could watch these 2 fix toast!
We need to give a tip of the hat to the audio work. To be blindfolded, naked, and have one's ass in the air is the definition of anticipating homosexual sex. The far distant boot approaching would be heard and lead to the smallest rocking of hips that are only thinking of him. Slow motion audio also is the way we hear thing when in such physical need. To hear the sounds of a rim job sooo clearly was lovely. I like to stand and touch myself (more than just the shaft) while I watch. It was great that I did not have to watch the screen the entire time. The audio through headphones told me where they were in their fuck. I hardly need to touch myself when being fucked to cum, just focus on the stud being deep in you over and over again with the sounds and smells of real man sex should be enough. Of course I enjoyed the sounds of fast fucking and jo, it is all good.
Great comments/comment section - always learn from all of you. - haven't been here in a minute - nice to be back.
I need to cum, so I put on HimerosTV. Never disappoints
"My God That Tasted Good. Tasted Good. Tasted Good. Tasted Good." Hmmm, It's actually NOT that late. 11 p.m., that bar right around the corner hopping-by-now! "Tasted good, tasted good, tasted good, tasted good, tasted good."
A new breed of gay adult performers. Gifted, capable of tv or Broadway - really feeling it. Riveting. Great, great director/direction.
I love them together. The whole idea of fucking & leaving is not new BUT in the moment it feels so perfect. I loved it.
I have made a new habit of reading the narrative and then the comments before watching the video - it enhances the overall experience 10-fold! You guys are all amazing! Your subscribers too!
A TRUE FEAST FOR THE EYES AND EARS. The comments of Xavier 949 and xoxodoug Brilliantly encapsulates the true essence of the powerful and erotic way "The Great Emptiness: fulfills ones vulnerable sexual desires. I must say the entire production, cast and crew created a Sensual, Visual, Audio and Oral Masterpiece. BRAVO! I loved the reality of the gentle, intimate and pounding sounds of mutual passion captured! On the third viewing, using headphones OMG, I easily Climaxed just from how authentic every sound conveyed what was Cumming. Pun Intended. ABSOLUTELY BRILIANT Davy and Company! I loved all your comments in this threat. Thank You.
I love when the guy comes in my mouth!

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