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The Fantasy

Added: June 29, 2020 | Runtime: 06:59

Destructive belief systems are taught to us at a young age by family, culture and institutions - and combine with our own experiences of pleasure and pain around sex.

The world around us tells us how to feel about ourselves sexually, and oftentimes shame, fear and anxiety are the result.

“Gay sex is wrong.”

“You don’t deserve this.”

“You are a slut.”

How can you move through these strong, negative belief systems? Fantasy. Fantasy is the vehicle for us to move from inhibition into action. It allows us to see ourselves in different ways. It is live mythology, a symbolic narrative that brings our personal wounds into a space of embodied pleasure.

What if we could create peak experiences MORE OFTEN, by consciously engaging with our fantasies and reading them as a map that can take us more deeply into our own needs, wants, and desires? We can, and, ultimately, this leads us towards more fulfillment, sustainability, and creativity. This process also helps us not act compulsively and have more satisfying sex because we are really listening to the emotional needs underneath the imagery, where our healing work begins.

Filmed at the iconic MacMillan Pier in Provincetown, MA, this film feels like a dream in today's shifting world. While summer trips in Provincetown have become a tradition for many gay and bisexual men, this year is different. Busy streets, lobster rolls and sandy toes are a vestige of the pre-Covid world. And watching this video transports the viewer to that bygone era. A fantasy, indeed.

On a wooden ship a century old, we hear the creaks and groans of old timber mixed with the moans and ecstasy of young men. While navigating the open sea, the men discover each other's bodies - and the treasures of pleasure buried within. The boys get lost - not at sea - but in each other. And like the Sirens of Greek mythology, we are drawn ever closer.

Concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

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Recent Comments:
Outstanding in every aspect -- idea, actors, shots, actions, effects. One of the best sex videos ever, anywhere, by anyone. (And the nipple play is wonderful, especially since the guys have such beautiful nips.) Captures the essence of the sexual experience from image to resolution.
Davey Wavey
Thank you. I was so excited to create this video in such a unique location... on a wooden tall ship, docked in Provincetown, MA. A fantasy, indeed!
Lovely video with two of my favorite models. I need to engage with fantasy more than I do.
Davey Wavey
Especially now, when so many of us are at home and unable to experience pleasure in the usual ways.
Love these two artists! I too, have a fantasy that includes having sex on boat - but it includes having 4 or 5 more men than in this video. My partner has shared with me some of his fantasies, and he has said that he has been occasionally disappointed when living out the fantasy was not as exciting as the fantasy itself. I was wondering what it means when the fantasy is better than the lived experience (perhaps a question to be answered on the podcast?).
Davey Wavey
That's such a good question for the podcast! Do you mind elaborating on it a bit? Shoot me the full question at davey@daveywavey.tv and we'll discuss on the next Himeros LIVE podcast.
Love this video, and these actors. Like Alex, my husband and I have the same fantasy, also with more men. We've been in situations with other fantasies we share have played out in part, and there's the occasional disappointment due to things not ending the way they do in the fantasy, along with others. This would definitely be a topic I would be interested in as well.
This is the time of year when I would start traveling to Ptown. With the pandemic, I’m not feeling safe to travel so thank you for this memory. Are there other Ptown videos at this site?
Davey Wavey
There are a few! We're working on a website redesign that will let members sort videos by the different locations and projects. It will be a really fun feature to have. For other Ptown movies look up Daddy's Milk, Making Love All Day, Jock Frot Piss, The Peach Scene, Sexually Transmitted Joy (though filmed inside), The Reveal, Open Me Up, The Witness, The Deep Feast and Pleasure Safari. Some are more evidently Provincetown than others. And we still have a final video from Provincetown featuring the Pilgrim Monument that will be coming out in a few months.
what a great fantasy, thanks for the wonderful production, editing, cast and your tall ship find!!
Great video, Beautiful shots. Love these guys, both hairy and very intense. Hoping for more to cum...
Davey Wavey
There's always "more to come!"
Adam and Max make for one hot duo. This brought back memories of the fun (sexual) times my husband and I had on our sailboat. So many different and unique areas to be in the open, yet having sexual fun. For us, that also meant fun times with ourselves and others while moored in P-town.
Jerry Roubos
Great job Davey. Kudos to Max and Adam. As an ancient mariner I enjoyed this.
Craig G
I loved it that both these guys had big perky nipples. And as the lucky owner of big perky nipples myself, I know the ecstasy of having an orgasm as those super chargers are played with. I have so many memories of the Incredible sexual energy of Provincetown.
Totally fantastic! Thank you. Previous comment from Rick right on!
One of your very best! Fantasy or reminiscence? Either way, it's beautiful and real and so very hot! Two perfectly masculine men enjoying and worshiping each other's bodies, in private, but in the open air. They are both so obviously into each other and the situation, building and building until Adam's release and that beautiful romantic snuggle hug. Give us more like this, Himeros!
For a bit over 50 years I have traipsed to Provincetown with one partner or another, but mostly for the 30 years with my last partner. We were always accompanied by fur babies who loved their off leash runs with the other dogs on the beach behind the Boatslip. Now I have no partner and my health is such that driving for eight hours by myself to get there holds little pleasure. What I do have, though, are the sights, the sounds, the tastes and the smells of those 50 years. I can sit here at my desk,close my eyes and remember where we stayed, who we thought was hot at Tea Dance, and which of those hot men joined us for dinner and an evening's play. Thank you for this beautiful remembrance of things past.
Davey Wavey
Thanks for sharing such beautiful memories with us.
Quoth Mr. Mercury, “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” For Mr. Ramzi and Mr. Adonis, this was real life. For the rest of us, thanks for the fantasy.
Amazingly beautiful. Thank you.
When fantasy becomes reality: nicely done!
.@Davey - I really, really love these videos and the intimacy you don’t see in typical gay porn. But have you ever considered offering a closed captioning or subtitled options for those of us who are deaf or hard of hearing? It would be a very easy way to make these more inclusive and accessible to the members of a disabled community. :)
Davey Wavey
That's a great idea. Thanks for sharing that. I'll look into it.