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The End of Ageism

Watch Davey and friends discuss The End of Ageism on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

Discover why we created The End of Ageism on the Himeros.tv blog.

The End of Ageism is a dream. Perhaps it is a naïve dream. Perhaps it is a dream that seems unlikely or out of reach. But what if each of us challenged our boundaries and took a step or two in the direction of expanding our definition of beauty to see sexiness in all its forms?

After all, how much of our understanding of beauty comes from ourselves? And how much comes from the world around us - through movies, media, magazines, fashion, social media and so on? As free thinking human beings, aren't we able to define beauty for ourselves?

This video features CockyBoys.com exclusive Calvin Banks, Norm Self, Adam Ramzi, Max Adonis and Alex Mecum.

Learn more about Norm, the world's oldest gay porn star, on his website: http://www.edgeofthevillage.org.

recent comments:



So great to see such beautiful guys being relaxed and open with their sexuality. Nice to see there are still those who include some of us older guys in their fun and seeing everyone's cocks, butts and cum explosions definitely matched what happened to me when I finished experiencing this film. Keep up the great work!!!



Himeros.tv has been wonderfully notable for using models of varying ages, body types, etc., all of whom are beautiful and sexy. And this one goes to the head of the line. A group of beautiful sexy gay naked men having fun together and sharing their bodies with a sexy older man. As a senior who has passionate enjoyment with men from 23/up, i have one other wish--that the age barrier would have been totally shattered by an electrically passionate and deep fucking connection between Norm and at least one of the young men. You can go there, so please do in the future!



WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you Himeros

Davey Wavey


And thank you for making films like this possible.



Davey you have made so great films on this site, but this one takes he number one spot, it was done so beautifully done, the guys were really authentic, making you feel they really enjoyed including everyone, the older man really made them feel he was still live and was so appreciative of them even including him, like a man not and old man. The old saying was when you hit 30 you were dead, well thank goodness that wasn't true, cause I didn't come out till after 30 and I think I was able to keep up with the best and then some. lol lol Your such a great guy and what your site is doing to make all of realize it's not age or who you are it's the person, that you want to get to know and learn about. Wish someday there wouldn't be titles it would just be that's a person, if you want to get to know them you will and build a friendship or maybe even a relationship you will not because they were gay or straight, you wanted to get to know them because they were who they were. Again can not tell you how much your hard work, all your team, is doing just keep on doing and be blessed your doing it. Plus it proves you can look like a million dollars like YOU DO, and still have a brain. I only wish more people could see this as inclusive and not just let's get the old man off, and your beautiful presentation has nailed it. Yes keep up the great work, and know your are really making a great contribution to life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Davey Wavey


Wow. Thank you for the overwhelming and kind words. When we launched Himeros.tv, we set out to create hot erotic content that stands for something - and I'm so glad that this video's message resonates with you. Thank you for being here!



Wow, Davey, you've done it again. I'm seventy years old and I've had wonderful, engaging and exciting sex with men of all ages from much younger to middle-age. Everyone has something to offer, something beautiful both inside and outside, and it's so refreshing to see it come to life in this video. I'm on track to get certified as a somatic sex educator/coach in the few months, and from that perspective the tantra lessons you've given on this site plus emphasis on things like breathing, mindful masturbation, sexy massage...it's all so beautifully presented and hopefully is getting to the guys who really need it. I'm on a personal mission to do the same thing in my own small way. Thank you for this site and all the terrific work you're doing! xoxox



What an amazing video, Davey! -- fun, playful, inclusive. It was especially sexy seeing the models and Norm enjoying each other. As a 70 year old, it touched me in a deep and inspiring way. Keep up the good work!



As a 69-year-old former Catholic priest and big Himeros fan, I think you're doing amazing, groundbreaking work. Keep it up! (pun intended)



I've got to commend you for this video. This is not pornography. It is sexual certainly, but it is not so much titillating as it is elevating. Himeros educates and expands the definitions of pornography, and I commend you for that. This site expresses more than anything that we are all sexual creatures and that we need fulfillment throughout our lives. Further, your work here helps us understand that our entire bodies are sex organs and that we are sexual beings in our entirety. Evaluating the video, the chemistry between Norm and Alex Mecum was tangible. The other guys were beautiful, but you could feel the connection between the two of them. I would love to see a scene of just the two of them together where we could here them communicating with each other during an intense sexual encounter. One of my sexual regrets is that a few years ago I rebuffed a friend of mine who is in his eighties when he approached me about having a sexual encounter together. We had run into each other while travelling and ended up sharing a hotel room to help with costs. He was bisexual (as am I) and he had been in a sexless marriage since his now 55 year-old son was born. I rebuffed him with excuses of "that would be awkward" and "I don't see you that way." In truth, I could have expressed my genuine affection for him and given him a night that he would have cherished for the rest of his life. We are still friends, and if the opportunity every presents itself again I will engage him, but I do not expect it to happen. This has become a bit of a confession. Perhaps John posting above can recommend a penance. Please continue creating transformational erotica.



You are making great videos. I like 95 percent of what you produce. The end of ageism is so awesome it deserves an award! it really does !



Seriously, this is so amazing. This is the elevation of sexuality, Nate said it best. This is true beauty in all its forms <3



Sexy, sweet and playful. Although, I would have had the older gentlemen's cock sucked by one of the younger guys. The video is beautifully done.



So here's a challenge for you: do a video on guys who are still interested in sex, and still sexy, after having their prostate glands removed as treatment for prostate cancer. (About 1 man in 9 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.) Everyone's story is different, but if the surgery goes well, as mine did, your nerves are still intact. You can get erect, your can experience anal pleasure, and you can reach orgasm, although you don't ejaculate. (Norm clearly still has his prostate.) It may take more time and effort (and lube, toys, and porn) to reach orgasm, but it still feels great. It's not the same, but you learn to enjoy your body in a new way, making more with less, if you like. There are treatments (primarily hormone therapy) that can take away your libido completely, and guys I know who are in that situation just don't think much about sex any more. But if you're not there, you can still enjoy touching and being touched. The important thing is not to assume that you can't have (good) sex unless all your parts are in perfect working condition. Your videos, by using porn stars, tend to promote that myth. After my surgery, my doctor said it would take a while for the nerves to heal, but he recommended masturbating, not giving up: "Use it or lose it." So do some videos for those 1 out of 9, showing that there's still hope.



Being an older guy who still loves the discovery and an active role in my sex life, I found this video quite off putting. If anything I seems to reenforce "ageism" . The older guy in the video is not much more than a voyeur.



what exactly does this have to do with ageism? this video is offensive to even act like it attempts to approach the subject.



I am 80 and still sexually active. So it was good to see Norm in this film. My only regret is that he did not experience wet kissing and mutual oral. Hopefully next time.



A lovely video, for sure. But it would have been great to see one or more of those young porn gods suck Norm’s dick. To end ageism, we need images of senior guys who are not only still interested but also still desirable.



This is so wonderful

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