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The Breakdown

Added: October 30, 2023 | Runtime: 14:21 | 16,617 views

Getting out of the head and into the body requires the ability to surrender. On one hand, control is necessary in order to feel psychologically safe to be fully aroused. On the other hand, we have to then relinquish that control in order to soar into the heights of pleasure. This process can be tricky, because we typically lean into our comfort zones and routines because they allow us to feel safe behind preferred self images. The Breakdown is about that relationship between control and surrender - the removal of obstacles to our own pleasures. In this scene, we utilize Coach as a way to help Andre and Jack build a bridge between both of these necessary poles.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Jack is the perfect twink. His cock being stroked is really all this video is about. But oh so erotic. It would've been nice to see how the daddy got him out of his clothes and on to the table. Such a young virile guy being lulled into surrendering them would've added to the plot very well.
Sexy video. I am not sure how it really related to Finn's set-up. In fact, one look at Jack and I felt that he had long been out of his head and into his body and had declared unconditional surrender even before the filming had started! Exciting and well acted.
Amazing sense of safety, trust, and eroticism from all participants. Definitely new territories for these characters - captured and filmed with classic Himeros style. Thanks for this!
Can u do more jack bailey videos please can he return to the studio do more videos with jack please that's what is missing from the himeros site you could invite him for more videos that would be hot do you like my opinions about the videos? Some of the videos are pretty good but I didn't like one of them. Other than that keep up working.
It's time for Jack and Andre to have an erotic and sensual video of just the two of them fucking! It's obvious that they are into each other. We need to see them finally consummate their feelings for each other!

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