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The Ass Class

Added: January 4, 2021 | Runtime: 20:25 | 11,404 views

In the previously uploaded "Connect the Dots", we learned how to excite the fuck out of guy's whole cock and whole body. This video builds on all of the fun we’ve had already, with the added, extra-fun dimension of euphoric, ecstatic, evolutionary ways to excite the fuck out of your lover’s asshole.

In this video, we’re specifically focusing on mutual assplay fun, since it’s a very powerful way for lovers to connect a whole-body circuit of ecstatic pleasure, together, as one body. We’re excited because this potent way for men to connect hasn’t really been shown in gay erotica up until now, so we get to be pioneers in re-introducing gay sex culture to some incredible and dynamic fun!

By the time viewers are done watching this video, the excited fuckers will have enamoured themselves with the following ass-tingling surprises:

- Learn skilled techniques for driving a man’s ass—and whole fucking body—wild, including round-the-clock sphincter-fun and skilled prostate stimulation,

- Indulge in the pleasure of mutual ass-play fun via simultaneous finger-fucking, whole-body touch, and heart-69 mutual ass-eating.

- Learn how to connect our tingling cock, balls, and asshole with our heart and the rest of our body by practicing sensual-erotic massage from pelvis to heart, and to all extremities, while simultaneously enjoying cock-and-ass stimulation!*

Explore prolonged ejaculatory whole-body orgasmic states, which originate from the very core of your body rather than just from your genitals.

Recent Comments:
This was a beautiful demonstration of love making without intercourse. These men became one with each other through the most intimate body contact, passionate kissing and ass play that I have ever seen. I was mesmerized. Brad did an excellent narrative explaining the techniques of body contact, heart contact, some cock sucking and finger ass play and that having an erection was not necessarily a requirement or the erection could come and go. Your teachings of different styles of lovemaking is truly wonderful. Will and Judas performed this beautifully. Will ejaculated, Judas did not. This is real sex teaching and not a typical cookie cutter sex scene. I also enjoyed the diversity of the observers too, older, younger and different races. Thank you Davey, Brad, Will and Judas.
I think one of the most striking things that these two lovers demonstrated is the deep connection they forged through mutual respect and love of each other. They showed a mutual trust as they invited one another into a deeply personal and erotic part of their bodies. More men need to see this, regardless of orientation, as the pleasure they receive is much more than the feelings alone; it’s ironically an affirmation of ones’s masculinity, of been fed an energy that radiates out from the prostate gland and ripples over distinctly male features like body hair, beard, and cock. When men give this pleasure to other men, it only reinforces what it means to feel like one.
Beautiful! A much neglected topic.
Another great video. Nice to see some special attention to giving pleasure to each others asses , that doesn't rely entirely on fucking a cock. I also appreciate the idea of whole body connection while stimulating each others asses. Great way to slow down and just "be" with each other vs heading head first to the finish line. Great addition to the "pleasure toolbox." I also like how it highlights diversity in terms of age and body type. A refreshing approach that the majority of platforms choose not to reflect, but is a much more realistic representation of the population. Well done.
A great reminder that there’s much more to ass pleasure than just being a bottom and getting fucked.
A wonderful tantric-based love session. So beautiful. I could feel the tingling energies rising within me as I watched this demonstration, as I’m sure the observers were also experiencing. Thank you for another awesome video, Davey.
Something I might have added from my own experience is the potential for multiple orgasms or one continuous orgasm even without ejaculation. One of my lovers gives me this gift from time to time, and all I can say is wow!
My husband likes it when I put my thumb in his ass while I stroke his well-lubricated very hard penis with my other hand. I experience his orgasm vicariously with my thumb feeling the pulsating rhythm of his ejaculations. Very hot....
I enjoyed watching these two taking their time and giving pleasure to each other. I felt like I was there with them!

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