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Surrender To Pleasure

Added: August 24, 2020 | Runtime: 14:08 | 8,944 views

In life, they tell us to try harder.

In Tantra, you let go and surrender more deeply.

While letting go can be difficult, it is the gateway to experiences of sheer bliss.

Video concept by Jason Tantra of tantra4gaymen.com.

Recent Comments:
Wow, I’m 73, my first m2m experience was at 50. In the past 23 years I have never had an experience like that one. My loss. This video was erotic, beautiful, full of love and how much I wanted to be on that table. Keep up the wonderful work, Daley. Hugs to you and your fellow Himeros group of talented men. Dan, Older gray bear
Davey Wavey
Thanks for the kind words. And I love what you're saying. Often, when we watch porn, it's hot - but I often think it's more enjoyable to watch than participate. In this instance, you really want to jump in through the screen and hop up on the table!
Three of your most appealing actors in scenes that tease and arouse the viewer -- and give him some ideas to pursue! Another classic.
I love this video -- it was hot. The introductory dialogue set the scene perfectly. So wonderful to hear Windom Gold making sounds throughout, Chris Harder rubbing his body over him, all the lovely sensory experiences. This was a true tantric how to.
Another really great video. I agree you just want to jump in and be the guy on the table.
Definitely one of the best videos yet. Can't wait to try this and I know exactly who the two are I want to try it with!
Wonderfully sensual and arousing video with three beautiful men! I definitely want to get on that table!
I thought Wesley retired but, thank god or whatever, he is still making movies! More please! PLEASE!
Davey Wavey
We managed to film this with him right before he retired. What a special guy.
Receiving or giving? I would happily trade places with any of these three in this setting and situation. My body was tingling watching this and imagining the sensations. Beautiful!
Wonderful and so erotic film! Thanks to all performers and staff. Hope to find that experience for myself!
Kudos this is a home run. I loved every minute of it. I have experienced this as both the giver and the receiver. and the depth of feeling Is authentic and real. Thank you to everyone who worked on this production, great job. One of my favorites.
While I've enjoyed the music in other Himeros videos, I love the simple soundtrack of three men enjoying each other in this video.
This is wonderful. I give erotic massages do you have given me ideas!
First video here and thank you so much for what you are doing. I'm late in life and I'm interested in learning to enjoy sex, to give and take, and experiment, and to leave behind inhibiting mindf***ks. And thanks, Davey, for the special price and outreach. Wesley Woods is someone special!
What a stunningly-beautiful work of art. I love the way the video was shot in long shots--without a lot of shifting from one shot to another. The models were SO embodied. I'm also highly inspired by videos like this one because they show just how SEXUAL and ECSTATIC an experience can be, even when fucking isn't part of the equation. There is SO much to be enjoyed here, in this wonderful human body. Thank you to all of these models, to Davey, to the production crew, and especially to my friend Jason Tantra for bringing such beautiful renditions of male sexuality to life! I'm so very inspired by just having seen this video.
Wonderful to watch two beautiful guys dedicate themselves totally to pleasuring a third---a nicely slow buildup to a phenomenal orgasm!
Beautiful and sexy beyond belief. The uncut man on the table is perfection. Perfect body in every way. Most important is the kind attitude of all three men.
I don't comment often, but I just saw this. And...oh, to be on that table. I'm not comfortable, though, with tying up the recipient, but he seemed to enjoy and moan a lot. I've had a few erotic massages and they were excellent! The masseur was kind and understanding with my ED and flaccid cock. He worked lovingly on it (and he exposed himself to me as well; I simply fondled his cock and balls while he massaged) and brought me to climax. I, too, moaned! Where, oh where, has this been all my life? I'm now nearly 80 and had my first m2m experience at 78. Well, it's never too late, and these 3 dudes helped me stroke along with them. Each of them in a sort of different role, too. The two guys doing the "work" were true ministers of healing to the receiver. They cared for him and loved him. This is one of your best, Davey. Thanks much!
Beautiful video! So sensual and hot! Reminds me of a great experience I had with a tantric coach. Thanks!
This is would be a dream come true in real life. Just beautiful.

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