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Summer Of Love - Andre And Benny

Added: August 9, 2021 | Runtime: 18:22 | 28,640 views

Hookups get a bad rap as disposable sex. In reality, hookups can be a powerful tool for pleasure, connection, healing and/or just plain old fun.

"Summer of Love" is a celebration of hookups at a unique moment in time, when people - long separated by a global pandemic - are starting to reconnect and explore erotic activities that were curtailed for more than a year. There is pent up demand for love, sex, pleasure and touch - and this series sets out to capture it authentically. In "Summer of Love", we will see three real hookups with real New Yorkers in their real homes.

In this episode, fuck buddies Andre and Benny reconnect for some ecstatic fun in Benny's apartment.

This series is directed by Cherry Brice Jr and facilitated by gay tantric sex coach Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheeart.com

Recent Comments:
I can relate fully to this .
Hot guys, but overall a disappointing scene. Not to be highly critical, I realize there will be some that don't appeal to me, but it felt like you were broaching on Sean Cody Territory here. Starting off with some kissing, followed by mutual oral, fucking in a few different positions, cum shot and end scene. The camera transitions were also quite harsh, which i am assuming had a bit to do with the size of the space. But the most disappointing was how checked out the models appeared for about three quarters of the scene. There was very few sounds, very little verbal connection and it appeared they would have preferred to be somewhere else. Just my thoughts, for what they are worth. I am sure I will connect better with the next one, so don't take it too hard.
I kept wishing there was more light directed at the men. It was difficult to see them and the action.
Lovely video. Nice idea for the series. I suspect the concept was generated before Delta began raging. The fact that we are clearly in another dangerous period is disturbing, confusing, disheartening, sad. Yet we are better off than we were a year ago when even less was certain. And it is good to be seeing a reminder that there is hope for a New Day. Even if that hope turns out not to be realized, seeing this assuages some of the loneliness, some of the sadness, and even some of the anger that I feel. Another argument for the healing power of eros and videos that depict it.
Damn, that’s hot. I wish I was there. lol
Very nice and erotic games with various positions, you feel a real pleasure!
What is so amazing with your material is that it is so unlike a studio production even though it is. The shaded lighting, the room decor including the fireplace ( even though it is summer - adds nice ambiance), artwork and all gives you the illusion you are watching a real live sexual encounter with two beautiful men, not just a movie. It was beautiful sex between two men who were totally enjoying themselves. The scene was hot yet tender at the same time. I loved the way the bed started banging during a portion of the thrusting. The scene is just beautiful and arousing at the same time. I wish I was there with them.
Davey Wavey
Yes, we purposely wanted this to feel like an elevated "Only Fans" style of video. It's very intimate being in Benny's actual bedroom, and gives a very personal feel to the film. <3
Davey, I forgot to mention. You must tell us in the podcast about the trip abroad with your mom. I think your relationship with her is so wonderful. I have listened to you talk about some of your neighbors and how you love and respect them. This tells me you are a very loving and caring guy. I applaud you for that.
Incredibly sexy models and don’t want to take away from this aspect of the video. However, I agree with previous comments regarding lighting. A lighter setting could’ve made this video sooo much better. I just imagine what it could’ve been with LIGHT, white sheets to contrast their beautiful bodies, soft details in fabrics, pillows, daylight, possibly some cool decor and greenery.
Je rejoins Rhinocéros 445. Nouvel abonné, je constate que les vidéos sont trop sombres. Serait-il possible d'y ajouter les sous-titres? Merci
Don’t agree with the lighting comments. For me it was perfect, showing the sheer beauty of Andre and Benny’s deliciously dark skin, the sheen as they got more sexually aroused, the reflected light showing the sensuous contours of their bodies, moving and flexing, the erotic sight of ejaculated semen on dark skin. This is a cinematic experience, to be savoured in a darkened room where these visual pleasures can be fully enjoyed.

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