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Smoking Gun - Himeros LIVE

Added: May 13, 2021 | Runtime: 01:07:51 | 260 views
Davey Wavey and friends discuss the latest Himeros.tv video release.
Recent Comments:
Hey guys. Great discussions by all. I liked everything Leo had to say about the topic and I also knew Finn would elaborate as to what his intent was concerning the video. Finn comes across as a very level headed compassionate man. I really like his personality "totallly" as he would say. As far as Himeros Live, how about: Himeros Discussions or Himeros Conversations or Let's Talk About It
Great discussion. That was the first one I watched all the way through (I don't usually have an hour to listen). It is interesting how many men could be triggered by this idea and I would have to guess that they either have experienced some pretty severe abuse in their past or they may just not be able to stomach violence in any form, even if it isn't "real." I definitely did an audible gasp when the weapons were brought out but knowing that they were fake, got into the titillation of it. Like Finn I believe said, many men have a rape (or power) fantasy and I think that's very true for many reasons. I think the video pulled back from the darker violence that it could have been because of the kissing. I somehow doubt that in a real scenario that the abuser would kiss the victim, so it was cool. Himeros Politic, Himeros Urbane, Himeros Discuss or the other side of that Himeros Dish!
Thank you for this discussion, and for the video. You guys took a risk on Smoking Gun, and Finn was super vulnerable in this video, and I think you should be proud of the work you are doing. And, even though you may not have expected all of the backlash you experienced, I think you addressed the topic of non-consensual violence and how we do eroticize and consume and act it out on a daily basis. I didn’t like how the video made me feel at many points, but that was my reaction and my responsibility to investigate and understand. And, as someone who is turned on power-Dom/sub eroticism, it was really refreshing to not just be sold the same old problematic porn, and to actually be held to reflect on why I consume the other porn. Thank you for a challenging work of art, and may those who had such a strongly violent reaction to this piece find ease and peace and be well.

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