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Six Senses of Sex

Added: June 4, 2018 | Runtime: 08:23 | 4,326 views

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We sought out several men who told us their sex lives were FANTASTIC and asked them what makes the difference for them, between so-so sex and great sex. One said the best sex he’s ever had was so good he could still taste it… Another said that when he has sex, he starts to see colors and visions. All of them said that sex was a multi-sensory pleasure, far beyond the physical.

We’ve designed this video to inspire all of us to consider the full power of ALL of our senses.

Sexual excitement is contagious, and we hope this video will help bring more creativity, excitement, and fun to you and all of the men you have sex with.

Recent Comments:
why has no one yet commented on the super sexy arousing connection between these two men! it gets better with more watching
Indeed! this is one of the finest and the most intoxicating video, which convinces one beyond all doubts that sex is much more of a collection of deep senses and their realisations. The background music enhances the pleasure of viewing many folds.
To achieve that requires a special chemistry, but you have to explore to find out what the guy is really into. Hot.
Just shared this with my husband. We're going to use this to start our play tonight.
Madonna once famously-said: "You haven't LIVED. Until you've HAD a man's tongue (and cock) in your Mouth." Which answered and answers the question. That a LOT of closeted-men have HAD over the years, i.e. "What am I missing?!" -ask Madonna -

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