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Sex When Indignant

Added: May 24, 2021 | Runtime: 14:17 | 22,505 views

We all carry ideas of who we are, and how things ought to be. And when things don't go our way or according to our plan, we can lose control. Oh, the indignation of it all! Today's video explores what happens when we are challenged, but then surrender into our deepest desires.

Our "Sex When" series explores how to transform emotions into meaningful, fun and pleasurable erotic experiences.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: https://www.tantra4gaymen.com/

Recent Comments:
Gentlemen, first I loved the house and surroundings. Second, your Every Cut is a Lie video has made me oh so cognizant of scene changes like Alex's muddy to clean hands in an instant. Third, I just have to applaud you guys for consistently making such quality material. Oliver turned pretty fast from pissed to lust with the sexy gardener. I would have too. The expressions on Oliver's face and especially his beautiful eyes totally showed the amazement of what he was experiencing when Alex was sucking him. It was truly beautiful. Since Oliver did not know the gardener that well I think putting on a condom was the right message to send. The sex in this video was damn intense. The scenes were executed to perfection. Oliver is quite convincing at his craft. The extreme sexual excitement both were experiencing was obvious by the hardness of their dicks. This was totally enjoyable to watch and after experiencing that kind of intense pleasurable sex I would have been more that happy to buy new clothes. It was worth it. I keep thinking how can you top each scene but actually what you do is match them. I am so glad to be a member of Himeros.
I loved it. Not exactly a video you want to add to an HR training on sexual harassment but I don't think people in the HR field typically look on porn sites for their training videos, so all good. I love the tension between Alex and Oliver, particularly from Oliver directed at Alex. It made for very hot sex. But Alex was not a bystander by any means, and it was hot to see the power dynamic being exchanged between them with either actor holding the power at different points in the scene. Very sexy to witness. Your team knocked another one out of the park. Thanks for the consistently good content.
Both the models are hot but Oliver... Oh my! So hot. But, not realistic for me. If I'm mad at somebody they're not getting sex. I had a friend whose partner used to pick a fight just so they could have make-up sex. That wouldn't happen for me. I would have to wait till after the conversation where we made up and everything was good and I truly believed it before I 'd have sex. Guess I'm missing out on some hot fun. LOL.

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