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Sex When Bored

Added: December 28, 2020 | Runtime: 14:58 | 13,535 views

We typically have sex because we are in a romantic mood, wanting intimacy and connection, or just plainly horny and want to get off.

But those are not the only reasons why we have sex.

Sex is a way of expressing yourself. And in today's video, boredom is transformed into mischievous fun.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: https://www.tantra4gaymen.com/

Directed by altSHIFTxxx.com

Recent Comments:
So I will admit, the sex seemed quite disconnected for me until they kissed, and after that they felt much more connected to each other. But maybe that was the intent. If so very well done, if not, it may be my own projection, as I find sex without kissing, very disconnected. Either way, not my favourite scene, but still very well done. look forward to the discussion.
Didn't really enjoy this one compared to the other videos. Diggory is great and would like to see him feature more.
Mmmm... What a hot scene. My kind of water sports. Love sub Alex...and give us more of Diggory's big ginger dick! Raw next time, please. LOVE those boys' foreskins.
While this scene and storyline was hot something about the title was not on the mark. I don't see where boredom fits in. I'm not criticizing the video because it was arousing and Diggory has one of the most enticing dicks I have seen but the title does not fit. I am curious as to where this was filmed because it had one of the most unusual bathtubs I have seen.
Davey Wavey
We filmed this scene in the United Kingdom. It's part of our "sex when" series. First, we released "Sex When Sad" and now "Sex When Bored." Get ready for "Sex When Jealous" in six or seven weeks. It's all about using sex to transform different emotions... and we'll be exploring six emotions, in total, through this series.
Great scene. Love Diggory’s dick!
Watched it twice. Didn’t really get into it. Loved the toys. Loved the fucking scene. But still didn’t “get it.” That being said you could have Diggory and Alex in many more videos but perhaps the premise and “story line” could be better defined. Just my thoughts. But anytime I can see any hot video from you, Davey, it’s ok. Just not my favorite. Happy New Year.
Thanks Davey. I pick up on things and that did not look like even a designer tub from the U.S. Also I have never seen a wall oven like the one in Phone Sex either. I look forward to each Monday when your new videos come out and the occasional bonus videos are fantastic. Going back and looking at the earlier videos is cool too. Your videos just get better and better. One of the older scenes that tickled me was the glory hole scene after all that frustration waiting for a dick to come through. When it finally did the look on that guys face was priceless. He should have won an award for that look plus he really knew how to pleasure that dick. Thanks Davey for your fantastic and one-of-a-kind site.
Another beautiful vid. Would enjoy seeing more vids with Alex. Love his expressive eyebrows and impish/innocent demeanor. I also liked Diggory’s seemingly "perhaps if I ignore him, he will go away" facial communication and how it changed to contentment and anticipation as he starts using those butt plugs to prep Alex for what was to come. Thanks for another most sensual film.
Amazing video all around. Powerful fucking and sucking and hot cum loads. I liked the island music and appreciate the age difference
Nice as he prepares the boys ass with increasingly large dildos until his penis finds its mark....
The music near beginning was giving me early No Doubt vibes haha.

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