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Sex When Angry

Added: October 4, 2021 | Runtime: 10:45 | 26,887 views
There are many reasons why we have sex. We typically have sex because we are in a romantic mood, wanting intimacy and connection, or just plainly horny and want to get off. But that is not the only reason why we have sex. Sex is a way of expressing yourself. It is a way of transforming emotions and feelings that can sometimes feel stuck in body and sex can be the vehicle to release that. It’s also exciting to explore sex for the unconventional reasons to help broaden your repertoire of when you traditionally have sex. If you are more liberated in your sexuality, then you have more colours in the pallet. Sometimes, we have sex because we are angry or upset. And through the act of love-making, we can transform anger into lust or erotic excitement. Video concept by Jason Tantra: https://www.tantra4gaymen.com/ Directed by altSHIFTxxx.com
Recent Comments:
Breakfast of Champions. Yeah they started with the tension and stress and stupid arguments we can all engage in...but they ended in laughter kisses and smiles. If all our arguments could end this way. They made the Kitchen counter the perfect sex spot! And who does not like a little ass early in the morning?
Although a lot of release can be found slamming cupboard doors when I am mad, this seems like a much more productive and hot way of releasing anger. Great scene, thanks Davey and crew, great connection between Cayden and his partner, and excellent embodiment of the theme. I think this may be another "best of"........that category must be getting pretty full by now. Thanks again, and looking forward to Fridays discussion.
Who are the good looking guys?
Give an Oscar to these two men: such a heartfelt connection.
more please! This got me really excited!
As an acting teacher, this was thrilling. To see two real guys doing this level of listening and responding (basically a Meisner repetition acting exercise) AND see their beautiful, hot gay intimacy hit on many levels. This is what gay sex is like - it's spontaneous, it's primal, in the moment; it can be short and not as in depth, but extremely satisfying and always a release of testosterone. To see the relationship played out throughout the sex is a huge credit to the performers and director. You guys are creating excellent porn, and frankly you should be producing full length films. There is such a need for representation like this in the mainstream industry. Here for it.
Good show! I love the settings for these videos. Are these country house rentals in England? They're all first class. The acting was very good and it was a sexy scene, though I wish I had climaxed in a rough shag that turned tender rather than (spoiler alert) jacking off in a creamer. Still, another excellent production.
Two good looking guys making love in a beautiful setting.

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