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Sensation Play

Added: December 18, 2023 | Runtime: 22:07 | 17,528 views

A man receives a letter inviting him to a house of curiosities. The letter reads simply, "sensation."

Kemono and Damian Dragon are real life boyfriends. And in this scene, Kemono embodies dominant energy while guiding his submissive partner through a range of stimulation. Some of the sensation is light and soft. Some of the sensation is quite intense - and pushes Damian to an edge. This scene is a dance of pleasure and pain, and opens audiences to new possibilities of trust, connection and touch.

Video concept by Court Vox: http://www.thebodyvox.com

Recent Comments:
A really well done video. As I continue to explore what it means to be a spiritual being having a physical experience, the full range of what the body is capable of feeling takes on more and more meaning. So this lands on me as something far more than entertainment. Now that I know (after viewing) that there is an established relationship between Kemono and Damian, I can appreciate even more how all of this functions when the element of fear is removed. Going to the edge of sensation might be terrifying to me were I not fully trusting the one in whose hands I put my body.
Beautifully shot and the Norman Bates vibe was fun, conveyed by the perfect upwards-angle camera shot as the very sexy Kemono Dragon, a wet-dream of muscled masculinity, strides purposefully towards the door of a truly monstrous gothic house, then hesitates as he reaches the steps, wondering what awaits him… But but but. In his recent YouTube Davey asked: ‘Why Do Guys Always Pull Out in Gay Porn?‘ And the answer Davey gave is: ‘it’s because of you, it's because audiences are obsessed with seeing the jizz and so they pull out so that the audience, so the camera and therefore the audience, can see the ejaculation happen. It’s not enough that the jizz is happening inside‘ Can I just say that, for me, having just watched yet another ‘pull out’ film, that it is most definitely not because of ME. I WANT to see the guy cumming inside his partner, I WANT to see his facial expressions as he is orgasming (so revealing and intimate), I WANT to see his ass muscles flexing as his cock is pumping copious quantities of cum deep inside his lover, I WANT to see his whole body spasming as he rides the crest of his orgasm right until the very end when he finally slumps on top of his sated partner, gasping and heaving and covered in rivulets of sweat (a supremely erotic sight with your darker skinned lovers). That’s what I want to see 😊
More, please
The kissing was nice.

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