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Sacred Cum Shot

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Added 03/26/2018

Categories: Hunks Instructional Self-Pleasure

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Cum isn’t just hot, it’s sacred. Maybe even magical. So today, through a guided masturbation, we’re going to use your cum to bless your life, the land - and gay men everywhere.

To get started, find a place where you have complete privacy. Ideally, this will be a place in nature where you have been before - but you can also do this in your own home, right where you’re sitting now.

If you are performing this exercise at home, remember a favorite spot in nature or a place you have loved going and being at some point in your life. Hold that spot in your mind and visualize it.

Whether you are there in body or connecting from a distance, take a moment to feel the love in your heart for this place.

Place one hand on your cock and balls, and the other on your heart.

Take a few long, slow, full breaths.

Really feel your body, and begin to feel how grateful you are to be here--held, loved, and nourished by this place. Remember - even if you are far away, or even if this place is gone, your connection to this place is always here.

Silently or out loud, say “thank you” to this place.

Notice how when you say thank you, it touches a special place inside of you.

Next, begin to caress your body, starting with your toes. Move up your feet, legs and thighs.

Notice how pleasuring yourself takes on a whole new level of excitement in this place and context of your connection to the natural world.

Massage your cock and ass, and then up your abdomen and chest.

Continue to feel your deep appreciation for this special place that holds you so lovingly.

Feel your neck and shoulders, and right up to your head.

Start to pleasure yourself. Arouse your cock and slowly start stroking in whatever ways feel good.

Next, let’s make sound. With every sound you make, remember that Nature loves it when you do this. Let out some gasps or moans or whatever feels right.

Now, while continuing to pleasure yourself, let a smile come across your lips. Think of things that make you laugh - and let laughter come out. Laughter is another form of orgasm - and one of the greatest gifts you can bring to the world.

Continue arousing yourself and stroking your cock.

Your pleasure session is beautiful and powerful, in and of itself, with or without a big cum shot. If you decide to CUM, hold the words “thank you” in your body while you approach ejaculation.

As you cum, sling it all directions, all over the earth - and imagine it as magic fertilizer. Say to yourself:

“I love this land. This is the first time that I’ve played here this way, and it feels good! I’ve reclaimed a part of me I thought I had lost, and I feel so grateful to be alive. I hope that men all over the world can experience what I have, here. Right now. This perfect moment.”

Inspired by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com
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