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Added: January 25, 2021 | Runtime: 09:35 | 7,295 views

As gay men, we don’t have sex in order to procreate. By our very natures, our sex is a testament to something beyond the desire to populate. It is a part of who we are as a culture. Our sex asks us to peer deeply into society’s injunctions against pleasure, the body, and lust. As a queer culture, we get to redefine how we experience our bodies and our own bodily fluids.

The perspective highlighted in this scene is the reinvention of sex through gay eyes, the fluids as an assortment of enjoyable aspects that heighten and expand our abilities to connect sexually beyond penetration - and most importantly, the meaning imbued in these various “subversive” acts.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
THIS! ALL THIS! AMAZING! The spit, the piss, the cum, the uncut cocks!!! And Bishop Black... What a beautiful being at the center of it all! I love the energy he gives in in his videos. Bishop is a gift to what's created / offered here. Honor to him; and his givings.
A very interesting experience watching this. I loved the naturist start with the guys dancing and running in the woods, seeming to be free and connected to nature. Water sports are not my thing but it was a good experience for me to watch the enjoyment of that. I would not otherwise watch anything with watersports. The other aspects of the video were quite quite erotic to me though. I found it to be an interesting experience because of all you wrapped up in this, nature - in the woods, animalistic sounds, sharing of bodily fluids, etc. I'm sure there are some good spiritual connections that could be made. Great vid, sexy guys too! I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about it on the podcast too.
I too am not into water sports especially in the mouth and I am not into that degree of spit sharing either. But that being said I am appreciative that you cover these areas for all of your different viewers that do like it. Different strokes for different folks but this episode is not for me. I just could not do it.
Nature - wild and free! Beautiful!
In addition to being beautifully shot and erotic, I love how you took a symbol of fertility "the May Pole" and assigned new meaning to it to reflect the gay culture, i.e. an expression of male eroticism. Very poignant, and a joy to watch. P.S. the sound of rain in the background added another dimension and was very effective in romanticizing a very erotic scene. Looking forward to the discussion on the Podcast, as there are a lot of other narratives going on, that I eagerly await your take on. A lot to take in.
This is brilliant, a lovely pagan take on gay guys enjoying nature. I particularly liked that there was no dialogue, almost pre-verbal eroticism, and Gabriel Cross looks like such a Robin Goodfellow character too. I really love the water sports, the spit play, three different size/shape men and just the fun feeling of this whole experience.
Such beautiful interaction the sharing between the 3 men. The bonding of them and the ability to be vulnerable and know they are held safely. Wonder video!
I really enjoyed the slow motion, grunting, uncut cocks, and free will. Not big into water sports or spitting in mouths but like Bistr8 found I was learning something and it did tweak my cock in places it hadn't before so good job. I would however, love to see that scene through. Lately I've been enjoying watching someone as hot and masculine as Bishop getting pounded by more than one cock. The power plays in that action is sexy as hell and it fed through in this scene so thickly I thought it was going there, but it stopped just shy.
Gay paganism at its finest
beautiful video that supports my idea that the best sexual experiences incorporate mind, body and spirit and through the music and the dreamy landscape and the nod to pagan symbols, etc. it was quite a lovely nine minutes! I enjoy watersports a lot and the beautiful streams of nectar and the spit was soooooooo erotic. Piss play has many dimensions and because I'm a "smell" guy my husband and I enjoy the different fragrances and color of piss depending on our fluid intake and exercise etc. Nothing better than a hot and warm stream of piss to enhance a hot session. Thanks a lot.
You're slaying me!

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