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Rough Oral

Added: June 6, 2022 | Runtime: 24:57 | 21,830 views

When most think about BDSM, they think of static roles: a top who dictates everything and a bottom who does exactly what he’s told. It’s a bit more complex. There’s a subtle difference between being in control and being the one who’s driving the action. Power is like a tennis ball that gets swatted over the net. Sometimes it’s in the top’s court and sometimes it’s in the bottom’s court. The longer the volley between the two, the more exciting the game. Exchanging power back and forth keeps things interesting.

Video concept is by Paul: http://www.kinkycoach.com.

Recent Comments:
Hey Davey. This is Xavier949. I don't know if you remember me or not but I was, (still am) a long time fan of you and your beautiful and quality produced films. I subscribed for quite a long time until one of your backstage guests insulted me over a comment I made over a transgender video you made in which I had no bad intentions at all. In fact I was very impressed with the guy. I have noticed watching your previews that I haven't seen this backstage guest in quite sometime. It doesn't really matter to me anymore if he is with you or not. Although I was quite irked with him. I have no bad intentions towards anyone and because of that, his remark was insulting to me. I like you and your work so much Davey that I decided to take the Pride special and come back to the wonderful material I miss. I absolutely love your work and I want to be back with the Himeros family. Being insulted a lot in my past has made me want to be a kind and loving person to everyone. If I said something wrong, I apologize to the guy, but I thought he was wonderful and when your guest said he was surprised and basically should no better I was confused. And then I kept thinking it wasn't bad or you would not have posted it. In fact it almost felt like you were even going to ask him what was offensive but you stopped yourself. Anyway Davey, I am glad to be back.
The best yet!
Nico can always be counted on to deliver, but Jack held his weight in this scene too. Loved the shifting of power dynamics. A great scene.
I have been traveling in Europe and not able to listen to your Podcast. I listen on stitcher so there is no way for me to comment. I always feel like I am part fo the conversation . I typically listen while I a riding my bike or working out at the gym. I am sure I have gotten strange looks for laughing out loud. As soon as I heard about this video I could not wait to see it. I can tell you this will be a repeated video for me. it hits the most sexual mark for me personally. As always thank you for creating an environment where sex is not shameful, it is loving and it is basic human need. I repeat myself often, but you have added so much to my husband and I's sex life. we went from having se a couple of times a week to almost every day. I just turned 60 and my husband 55, I never want it to stop. with what your channel teaches, it will not have to . it may evolve as we age, but the connection does not. we are more connected now than ever. thank you
You made something really damn beautiful here.

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