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Ranger Danger

Added: February 22, 2021 | Runtime: 13:59 | 14,994 views

In this video, a park ranger happens upon two men who are lost - and then joins in on an exciting adventure of pleasure and sexual discovery.

This video is also a playful exploration of what might be hiding beneath his authority.

This is the first of two videos featuring milkingCOACH. COACH is a master with his hands and has been edging men for more than a decade.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
This made me uncomfortable, as well as aroused. As it went on and on I feared that the ranger’s cock was becoming chaffed, but he didn’t seem to notice. And a lot of staying power to go on so long without cumming. The young guy looks like he could be underage. And that made me nervous.
Davey Wavey
No penises were chaffed in the creation of this video. And fear not, Jack is a grown man and college graduate!
Damn when I was a young ranger up in Maine I wish I had some hot men like these to “Restrain” my services.
Davey Wavey
A little fantasy can go a long way!
An interesting video. I will admit, I have heard of the work of the milking coach, but have never witnessed him in action. I was somewhat disappointed in the range of stroking skills utilized, but maybe this video was more about releasing control of ones pleasure to someone else to control the speed and timing of the stroking, which was an education in and of itself. There was one shot that was worth the price of admission. I t was Jack looking over Andre's shoulder while he was stroking his nipples. I have never seen such lust in someone's eyes for another cock. I don't think his eyes could have gotten bigger. It was priceless. A different video which is always good and a nice model choice to demonstrate coach's skills on. Looking forward to the conversation.
OMg this was sooo good! Thanks Davey!
This is fucked up. I don't need to see or hear about a white dude OWNING the cock of black or brown person. I'm not trying to get off on colonial bullshit.
Davey Wavey
When I read your comment, I had to step back and put myself in your shoes - and I see where you're coming from. I have to say, spending time with Coach, Andre and Jack, it was obvious that they created a safe, supportive and loving environment for each other - so I think that I watched the video through the lens of knowing their connection with one another. Of course, that context is missing for someone watching the scene without being on set. Even with the models being comfortable with the scene, I'd edit that part out, if I had a do-over. Thanks for sharing this with us.
I'm a little confused as to what BradPS is referring to. Are you talking about the fact that Andre's hands were tied? Maybe I am naive and don't understand but if that is it I can see where the restrained hands would not be necessary for the scene because Andre was sure getting enough pleasure from the cock stroking and it felt like the Coach was himself getting pleasure from the fact that Andre was enjoying the cock play. It did not appear to me that Coach was trying to own Andre. It appeared that it was truly done lovingly. If it is the hand restraint I agree that it was not necessary but I don't think any ill intent was meant. Maybe it adds to the intensity, I don't know. If it was race related all I can say is I would be happy for either Coach or Andrea to stimulate my penis that way, it would not matter black guy or white guy. I would love to receive that kind of pleasure from either one of them. If I am still missing something please explain so I can understand.
I loved this video - milking is so hot
Glad you guys enjoyed this hot scene. Loved working with Andre, Jack and a great crew!
Wonderful video, and great to see COACH practice his hear with jack's talented tongue helping and rewarded with Andre's load. @Xavier949, I assume what BradPS was referring to was when COACH asked Andre who owns his cock. I have edged a friend while he was restrained and saw it simply as fantasy role play where it's hot to give up control to someone who is pleasuring you. I didn't view it racially other than good to see interracial sex.
As a queer cis-woman, I found this scene to be very erotic! I appreciate the age diversity, race diversity, and variation to how sexual play doesn't always have to involve penetration. Really beautiful!! It adds to my own fantasies of being outdoors in nature in this way too! <3
I love COACH's work so much, and all three seemed to really enjoy the whole edging experience. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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