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Prostate Massage

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Added 04/15/2019

Categories: Anal Pleasure Best of Himeros.tv Hunks Instructional Sex Games Twinks

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Watch Davey and friends discuss this video on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

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Want to drive your partner wild? Try giving him a prostate massage.

Prostate massages are more focused than fucking, and usually involve a finger or toy to specifically stimulate your partner’s prostate - which often results in incredible orgasms.

For this scenario, we’re going to assume that both the Giver and Receiver are first-time explorers, so we will cover as much detail as possible. It’s probably best to start out using your finger, since that gives you the most sensitivity to feel your way around.

You can give a prostate massage in any number of positions: On his belly, in a squatting position similar to “Child’s Pose” in yoga, or on his knees facing you…. Or on his back, with his legs bent.

For our purposes, the Receiver will be on his back, but you can find any position that works for you.

Of course, we are assuming that your partner has already taken the time to clean thoroughly to minimize any messes.

Also, don’t forget to use plenty of lube.

Take your time around the anus. Relax it, make it feel good. You might even use your tongue for added pleasure. There should be absolutely no pain involved.

Check in with your partner: ask him, “How does this feel?”

Slowly begin to focus on his hole. Rotate your finger around its edges. Very slowly, begin to apply pressure on the hole itself. The more pleasure he feels the better. You shouldn’t be pushing so much as he is allowing your finger to gradually enter, almost as if it is being pulled in. If he’s still feeling really tight, then go even slower.

Help him breath. Gently ask him to take a few deep, long breaths. Keeping your finger firmly at the opening of the hole as he breaths, you may feel the sphincter relax a bit.

If the sphincter seizes up, back off. There’s no hurry. Massage the opening again and apply more lube.

While he continues to breathe deeply, you might suggest he squeeze his sphincter and then relax it a few times. Get him use to feeling the difference between a relaxed sphincter and a tight one. Each time he relaxes, incrementally move your finger slightly deeper. Before you know it, you’ll realize that your finger has a tightness around it, but your fingertip has moved inside him. While keeping your finger still, take a short break and check in. The most challenging part is over.

Rotate your finger ever so slightly around the edges of the sphincter and check in with your partner. See how that feels. If he’s okay to proceed, you’re very close to your goal.

From the sprinter, move your finger along the inside wall of the anal cavity toward the penis. Almost instantly you will feel a small dome, and that is the prostate.

Most likely, when you hit it, your partner is going to react. Gently rub up and down on it, as if you are tickling someone with one finger. Ask your partner how it feels. Chances are, he will already be moaning, expressing the deep pleasure he’s feeling.

The prostate is the gland that gives guys the pumping, convulsing orgasm and ejaculation that we all know and love.

As you can see, it almost never gets touched. So when it gets even a little massage or stimulation, it can quickly feel like an orgasm all by itself.

Sometimes, people have orgasms simply by a prostate massage without touching the penis at all. Lots of guys enjoy combining the two for mind-bending, life-changing orgasm. For a lot of guys, prostate massage is all you need to be right with the universe.

When your partner has had enough, get him to take a few more deep breaths and, on one of his exhales, gently, slowly allow your finger to slip out.

This video features Logan Cross and Cade Maddox. Concept developed by Dr. Jallen Rix.

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