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Prom Night

Added: April 15, 2024 | Runtime: 15:18 | 16,676 views

LGBTQ individuals often grapple with the decision to skip prom altogether, or attend with a partner of the opposite sex due to societal pressures. Prom, a quintessential rite of passage, can become a challenging space for those whose identities fall outside of heteronormative expectations. Indeed, many of the models on our shoot expressed regret for not bringing a "real" date or skipping the prom entirely.

In this scene, we throw the queer prom that we never had - with an erotic twist. Bring who you want, fuck who you want (with consent, of course!) - and cum exactly as you are.

Video concept by Matthew Shur.

Recent Comments:
Like a lot of us, I never went to my prom, but this is the prom of my erotic dreams and thoughts.
This video brings back memories and feelings from my youth that are very sad. I can't tell you how many parties, functions and yes prom that I avoided because of being gay. I was so fearful of being put in a situation where having sex could happen and I would not be able to perform and then be found out and even ridiculed. This was a time when being gay was looked extremely down on and I totally avoided any situation that could out me. It's sad because I missed out on a lot of things. I liked and appreciated women and found them fun to be with and beautiful. But I knew if I was put in a situation where sex could happen I would get a zero hardon and die of embarrassment plus all the negativity that would happen. I remember on my 18th birthday a group of friends threw a birthday party for me. This was one time when I could not find an excuse to get out of it. It was at a friends house and a prime setting for a bunch of horny 18 year olds to get sexual. I was so uncomfortable the whole time fearing people would venture off and one thing would lead to another. I thought of an elaborate excuse to have to leave after around two hours. That was so sad however that my fear of intimacy and the fact that I was so different from the other guys made me so fearful.
Back in the day, if proms like this had existed, I definitely would have experienced this right of passage. Sadly as it was, this portrayal, or any memory of “prom,” does not exist.
What a shame Gabe and Calvin never hooked. Would have been dynamic.
Too much chaos. Very little intimacy. No POV established. Just another orgy.
Once again you manage to merge the heartfelt with the extremely HOT. This is now one of my favorite Himeros videos. More like this, please!
I would have loved to have gone to a prom like that. I agree with Clawjack, That hook up would’ve been something! I am adding this to one of my favorites also. Keep up the good work, Davey. 😘
One of the best videos you've done in a while. It's difficult to be whimsical without sacrificing the erotic, but you have achieved it here. Wonderfully playful as well as incredibly hot and satisfying. Thank you for redeeming the idea of prom for all us queer kids who never experienced it properly.
All these actors were so hot, loved the diverse mix. Also, I thought it was really meaningful how Calvin and the guy he was kissing never actually fucked, but gritted and made out the whole time—felt very natural and reminds the viewer that not everything becomes penetrative all the time. The whole scene communicated this vibe of “reclaiming” a past experience, especially for guys of a variety of ages; you weren’t leaning into “what if a bunch of young people had prom but they could fuck” but instead “what if a bunch of gays decided to reenact prom and enjoy what they never had?” and I think that’s more realistic and even believable as a fantasy. Thanks for this.

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