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Priming The Pleasure Pump

Added: August 8, 2017 | Runtime: 03:55 | 4,252 views
This video creates erotic energy in the pelvis to help fuel erotic desire, and is inspired by Andrés from Andrés Sacred Intimate: http://andressacredintimate.com Setup: This one you can do in public, on the way to work, in church... almost anywhere! Select a series of 3 or 4 songs that you enjoy. The only requirement is that your selections have a steady, consistent beat, that you enjoy listening to them from beginning to end, and that they not be harsh or brash (sorry, no rock or rap music). Beginning the exercise: As mentioned in the setup, once you begin, you can practice this exercise anywhere. The first time, however, you should orient yourself to the muscles that will be used in your body for this exercise. Remove whatever clothing is comfortable for you. If you choose to say clothed, wear loose clothing, like warmups, shorts, or other clothing that does not constrict you in any way. Lay down in a comfortable position, whether you are indoors or outdoors (use a blanket or towel to lay outside). Locate the muscles located just inside the base of your pelvis to start and stop peeing (urination). This is also the muscle that helps you tighten and release the entrance to your anus. If you are a person with a penis, you should be quite familiar with locating them. They are the muscles you use to squeeze to stop urination in mid-stream. Squeeze, hold for 2 seconds, and release those muscles. Repeat 4 or 5 times, so you can get used to recognizing the sensation. To help locate those muscles, touch the area between your testicles and your anus (it’s sometimes called the taint) while you squeeze and release to notice the muscle tighten and relax. Experiment a few times with your legs positioned at different angles. For example, while on the floor, squeeze and release those muscles while laying flat on your back with your legs stretched out fully. Then, pull your legs in and prop them together, and squeeze and release a few times. Then, move your legs apart, while propped up, about a foot or so open, and squeeze and release a few times. Then, perhaps, allow your knees to fall out and toward the floor, with the soles of your feet touching together and squeeze and release again a few times. Notice the difference in the sensations in these different positions. Now set up and begin your timer. Insert earplugs or put on your earbuds, and begin your music selection. Close your eyes. Take five long, deep, belly breaths, with slow exhales. Take approximately twice as long to let out the air, as it takes to suck it in. Repeat five times; don’t rush it. After you have completed the five breaths, start listing to the beat of the music, and begin squeezing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles to the beat of the music. Experiment with the positions of your legs. Pay attention to your body. How does it feel? Is anything tingling? Do you notice that your solar plexus/tummy area feels different, or maybe that you are noticing sensations in other parts of your body? Keep going. If you are struggling with the exercise, pause for a moment. Count down from five, at when you hit zero, try and focus on tightening every muscle you have in your body. Curl your toes, tighten your leg muscles and buttocks, clench your fists, tighten your chest and arms, squint your face – see if it’s not possible to tighten every muscle in your body at the same time. Hold for at least the count of 15 (if not longer), and then release everything at the same time. Then continue with the exercise, through the end of the song. When you release all your muscles, pay attention (again) to your body. How does it feel? Are you perspiring a bit? Is anything tingling? Just sit in that awareness. When your music selection is complete, stop it, and just relax for a few moments. Pay attention to what you may be feeling in your body. Where is it coming from, what does it feel like? How has it changed. Relish your sensual vibrations in that moment. Depending on your experience, you may want to continue the practice with another song. Take a few deep breaths, open your eyes, and slowly and gently bring yourself back to your environment. The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the muscles that we use often for sex. Whether you are a top or a bottom, isolating this muscle, and flexing and releasing it, helps you to experience pleasure either when you penetrate someone, or when you are being penetrated. This is because the muscle controls both the base of the penis as well as the muscles surrounding the anus. There are many variations to this exercise, once you get the basic practice down. For example, you can experiment with using a well-lubed finger to probe your ass as you squeeze and release, or you can include some masturbation as well. Other options for this exercise with yourself can include playing with various toys, including prostate massage toys you can buy from sex toy retailers. If you have traditionally only been a top, but you are wanting to gain more experience as a bottom, these exercises can help you become aware of your body and experiment with sensations and how they feel to you, and to potential partners, as you exercise them more. Eventually, this technique can be used during sex with your partners, if you practice restraint and focus on the pleasure that it brings. For example, if you are receiving oral sex, asking for your partner to place and hold your penis in their mouth, and then practicing your hold and release exercises can bring arousal to both partners, because they can feel your penis flexing, and you feel the sensation as well. If you are bottoming, asking them to penetrate and hold their penis just inside of you, as you flex and release these muscles helps to create arousal as well. In all these exercises, restraint is the key. There will be an inclination or desire to fall into the same movements or patterns when having sex with someone using this technique. However, if you focus more on feeling and being felt, without the distraction of basic sexual movements, the erotic energy can escalate significantly.
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Important training for great love-making.
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Amazing beautiful l ♥︎ it love it <3 xoxoxoxoxo The most beautiful Body Part ive EVER seen belongs to THIS Super Wonderful Man, i cant believe how GOOD he is, he's better than me !!! :OOOO amazing xoxoxo <33
Calvin is so fkn hot. He can be in any movie and it will be a favorite for me. 😘😵‍💫

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