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Power of Orgasm

Added: May 25, 2020 | Runtime: 15:14 | 7,371 views

When we jerk off, the sensation stays in our cock. It can feel good, but maybe not good enough.

Using some simple tantric techniques demonstrated in this film, you can fundamentally change your experience of pleasure.

In this video, we see the true power of orgasms - and how to move orgasms through the whole body. By combining extended edging with bodily sensations, you can create powerful orgasmic energy that can transport the recipient into altered states of being.

Video concept by Jason Trantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com

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Recent Comments:
Has there been a slip up here? The description doesn't seem to cover what appears in the clip. I don't see how the action demonstrates "tantric techniques....[that] fundamentally change your experience of pleasure."
Davey Wavey
No slip up here. The demonstration is more conceptual. Instead of a narrator saying, "Step 1...", it's more an opportunity to see how two models can - in practice - move energy from the cock to throughout the body.
Damn! This was most arousing. The begging, the teasing, the "rough" treatment at times, the ropes, and the slow-mo cum shot just caused such wishful stirrings. Afterwards I wanted to yell, "Mr. Schmidt, take me to bed and use me!"
Davey Wavey
Haha YES!
Now that I get the hang of this scene, I find it hot and distinctively original. The viewer gets edged along with Harder. His huge load is a big reward for him and for the viewer/voyeur. The men are well cast. Harder is photogenic, as always. I wouldn't leave him alone in the desert. Come back, Mr. Schmidt!
Davey Wavey
I love that you watched until the very end... Windom is wearing a vintage shirt that I found at a local flea market. On the back, it says "Al Schmidt" and Chris Harder couldn't help but call out to Mr. Schmidt at the end of the scene. Off camera, we were all giggling when he said it.
I loved it. Playing with and delaying ones orgasm, is a lot of fun, and although it takes a lot of discipline, the rewards, are truly satisfying. And good for Windom. I have only seen him in more submissive roles, although I must confess, i haven't gone through your entire library, but he pulls off the role of a more dominant partner in this scene with confidence, and is incredibly sexy to watch. Over all great scene.
Davey Wavey
Yes, I think it's his first time in a more dominant role. It's great to see him embody a different kind of energy.
Willful submission to another man is so powerful. With my husband in charge and joined by another man, I was tied down on a bed (my arms and ankles tied by rope to the four corners of the bed) and brought by them to an extraordinary orgasm.
I always thought "well I get the idea of playing a role during sex, but then I am not authentic." But this may have changed that perspective. They're both involved, it's safe .... but I was right there with the orgasm seeker, crying out for him to come make me cum. @Perky: The stroking up from the penis into the chest and the hits to the chest and head/jaw embraces may help extend the arousal more to the whole body, as in tantra. Finally, big shout out of love/appreciation to Jason Tantra for concept. I love love love Jason's Tantra for Gay Men app/site!
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